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  1. Argh.. now i have to uncancel! Thanks for the feedback! Will
  2. According to HP website.. No Hardware virtualisation on the 115.. so no Hyper-V... http://h71028.www7.hp.com/enterprise/cache...-0-0-0-121.html :rolleyes:
  3. I have experienced a similar issue with a Vario2, and t-mobile replaced it (was within 14 days tho!) - you may be lucky with holidays and get them to simply swap the who boxed unit. Dj.vanbeek: i'm not sure if the original poster understood your reply, but it's easier for all our members to use English to reply unless it's a post in one of the specific language forums, if you would like to edit your post into english for the less 'multi-lingual' amongst us! Happy new year!
  4. www.imei-check.co.uk can unlock the vario2, as to Australia, it may be cheaper to get a payg sim over/under there...
  5. i have had this, especially in marginal signal areas (or 3g/gprs swapping points). also seems to happen when phone very low on battery. i find just going into comm managed, disabling data or wifi connection and enabling sorts it out.
  6. Even better email them, (everything in writing then, explaining the situation, I recently did a similar thing, and after initially finding out that 'you don't get a subsidised phone'. they reversed this, and now i have a hermes :)
  7. it looks like one of these chop up your existing sim cards and pop the chips into the frame. Never actually tried one, but the idea of chopping up a simcard does not appeal. i'm guessing they have vario2 software, or it swaps when you enable/disable radio off.
  8. if you have a UK address they can send it too (business or pleasure?), check tmobile and orange's sites, usually they offer free or
  9. I was really tempted to abort my 'ship jumping' until the CSR let me down, promising a ringback that day, and failing. Sorry but with 24 hour turnaround and USEFUL email communication T-Mobile are still tempting me.
  10. just checked with orange (spoke to the data team) and.... (hey I was on hold for ages!) apart from orange world [email protected] 80plus quiddies for 1000megs.. they said they know nothing about it.) To be fair the CSR is going to investigate further and call me back today. if/when I get an update..... I'm not saying its wrong/right, but i'll wait and see!
  11. got them home, but a close run thing, enjoy copilot, hopefully it will rival pocketstreets for you! Nice to meet ya 'Hairy Man' :)
  12. if the phone connects to the laptop, make it easier and use remote display: http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/6...lePowerToys.msi Will
  13. yep, coming, (been a while since i delved into xml, and hey the added more plugins!) Thinking of an orangy softkey with white text.
  14. Hmm, a real device to tweak, (while keeping a duplicate next to it to repair with!) - anyone think of more stuff to tweak the 'Special' with.. (i'm thinking more whiteness!!)
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