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  1. Will

    HP Quadcore AMD Opteron server ml115 @ £140 ex vat

    Argh.. now i have to uncancel! Thanks for the feedback! Will
  2. Will

    HP Quadcore AMD Opteron server ml115 @ £140 ex vat

    According to HP website.. No Hardware virtualisation on the 115.. so no Hyper-V... http://h71028.www7.hp.com/enterprise/cache...-0-0-0-121.html :rolleyes:
  3. Will

    Faulty Vario 2?

    I have experienced a similar issue with a Vario2, and t-mobile replaced it (was within 14 days tho!) - you may be lucky with holidays and get them to simply swap the who boxed unit. Dj.vanbeek: i'm not sure if the original poster understood your reply, but it's easier for all our members to use English to reply unless it's a post in one of the specific language forums, if you would like to edit your post into english for the less 'multi-lingual' amongst us! Happy new year!
  4. Will

    Unlock Vario II

    www.imei-check.co.uk can unlock the vario2, as to Australia, it may be cheaper to get a payg sim over/under there...
  5. i have had this, especially in marginal signal areas (or 3g/gprs swapping points). also seems to happen when phone very low on battery. i find just going into comm managed, disabling data or wifi connection and enabling sorts it out.
  6. Will

    Pay Monthly SIM Only -> Contract

    Even better email them, (everything in writing then, explaining the situation, I recently did a similar thing, and after initially finding out that 'you don't get a subsidised phone'. they reversed this, and now i have a hermes :)
  7. Will

    Vario II Dual Sim

    it looks like one of these chop up your existing sim cards and pop the chips into the frame. Never actually tried one, but the idea of chopping up a simcard does not appeal. i'm guessing they have vario2 software, or it swaps when you enable/disable radio off.
  8. if you have a UK address they can send it too (business or pleasure?), check tmobile and orange's sites, usually they offer free or
  9. Will

    Who's left Orange for T-Mobile?

    I was really tempted to abort my 'ship jumping' until the CSR let me down, promising a ringback that day, and failing. Sorry but with 24 hour turnaround and USEFUL email communication T-Mobile are still tempting me.
  10. Will

    Orange unlimited data?

    just checked with orange (spoke to the data team) and.... (hey I was on hold for ages!) apart from orange world [email protected] 80plus quiddies for 1000megs.. they said they know nothing about it.) To be fair the CSR is going to investigate further and call me back today. if/when I get an update..... I'm not saying its wrong/right, but i'll wait and see!
  11. Will

    The official MoDaCo Summer Event 2006 thread!

    got them home, but a close run thing, enjoy copilot, hopefully it will rival pocketstreets for you! Nice to meet ya 'Hairy Man' :)
  12. simple and 'easy' sms exporter and importer.
  13. Will

    cheeky favor needed

    if the phone connects to the laptop, make it easier and use remote display: http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/6...lePowerToys.msi Will
  14. yep, coming, (been a while since i delved into xml, and hey the added more plugins!) Thinking of an orangy softkey with white text.
  15. Hmm, a real device to tweak, (while keeping a duplicate next to it to repair with!) - anyone think of more stuff to tweak the 'Special' with.. (i'm thinking more whiteness!!)

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