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  1. I found a solution for "not compatible with device", try it. it's working for me :)
  2. i use this rom and i try to replace some files and the fm whit those from the v1.113 rom. for now the battery is ok but can't guarantee that will be perfect, 7 hours since i unpluged from the charger and the battery is 91%, if you want you can try it
  3. GoceT

    [ROM] Chinese ROMs

    you should remove this post, the FW comes without keyboard, bad calibration, keep FC
  4. GoceT

    [ROM] Chinese ROMs

    what about v1.113 roms? still same problem with calibration or?
  5. what about battery drain, is that fixed?
  6. I have tried with rexchun boot.img but touch screen was not working after reboot (sorry for my bad eng)
  7. try this - http://goo.gl/cdGqk keeps wifi alive all time :)

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