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  1. Hi, Wondering if anyone can offer help or advise. I have a HTC desire, which was originally on the 3 network, and then unlocked. It has been blocked by 3, but not reported as lost or stolen. 3 will not talk to me, only the original account holder of the phone (whom i have no contact with). I have been using the phone for 3 or 4 months on the 02 network. I understand from information and advise from others is that 3 may have blacklisted it because it was not being used in compliance with the original owners contract. As a person who purchased the phone, what gives 3 the right to kill it? what rights do I have?
  2. So i have been running my phone, no problem, on one of the modaco custom roms, and today - I lose signal - and it seems to be gone for ever. I have reflashed to 2 or 3 different ROMS and it is always the same. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. I have updated and flashed the rom, but at the modaco boot screen it just keeps recycling . . . can anyone help?
  4. can any one explain to me a) what this is ? :D why i need it? have done some searching, but cannot find any definitive, one line answers!
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