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  1. kimycai

    [ROM LEAK] - Gingerbread - FINAL ROM

    is there any asia version like aap_gen2
  2. kimycai

    [ROM LEAK] - Gingerbread - FINAL ROM

    come on, lets upgrade
  3. kimycai

    [ROM LEAK] - Gingerbread - FINAL ROM

    will it be AAP_GEN2 uploaded? i hoping
  4. kimycai

    [ROM] Gingerounay 1.2

    hi vache ,can u modify a recovery to fit for acer a500 tablet? here is the link about recovery.img modified by someone,but didnt test http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1056783
  5. yes, i confirm, and other menu like message, contact,and so on are not completely Chinese so here is my whole nandbackup file please update my kernel only(with Updated kernel (better batterie drain, better performance, audio boost...and more) ) ,keep others original ,thx! u can compare mine to yours my system is based on OS_Acer_1.100.19.AAP.GEN2_A22F_S120, with Andriod 2.2.2,same version of kernel
  6. i flashed it,but xt9 is crashed,and not completely Chinese,so i will upload my whole nandbackup,i wanna the update kernel only(with Updated kernel (better batterie drain, better performance, audio boost...and more) ,keep others original,would u help me?
  7. here is the app folder please,thx! :)
  8. en……,how can i do next to the framework-res.apk file?flash it? replace it? how? i really dont konw。
  9. http://localhostr.com/file/T5AXXbg/framework-res.apk here is the framework-res.apk of Chinese version,thx! :) it has 3 languages with English 、simplified Chinese(简体) and traditional Chinese(繁体),i use simplified Chinese(简体)---zh-rCN。
  10. do u know where the languages files are,i wanna use Chinese language but your rom above is English version ,how can i do or replace to get Chinese version with your kernel and so on above?could u tell me? thx!
  11. kimycai

    [LEAK] Liquid MT Gingerbread

    nice wroking!!! :D
  12. kimycai

    [LEAK] Liquid MT Gingerbread

    can it backup and restore ?
  13. kimycai

    [LEAK] Liquid MT Gingerbread

  14. kimycai

    [LEAK] Liquid MT Gingerbread

    waiting for your working verson!!! :D

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