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  1. I am happy with Dropbox and MyPhoneExplorer for local Transfers!!
  2. Nightly ;) 160 is ready !! http://download.cyanogenmod.com/get/cm_blade_full-160.zip
  3. Have you installed Google Apps, after installing CM7 ??
  4. You can disable or remove it with TitaniumBackup (if ChuckNorris Mode is ON) ... DP
  5. Sorry for DoublePost - please delete ..
  6. :unsure: trying N67 ...... and GPS-Reboot Bug is back on my Blade!!! Flashing back to SS5 ..... DP
  7. 7.0.2 works perfect on my Gen. 1 Blade!! WLAN connection Problem seems to be fixed now. No need to use "bladewififix"! Thanx DP
  8. Try to press "Volume +" and "Menu" Key simultaneous -- then press the Power Key. This works for some phones...

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