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  1. Could you upload it to gooim or skydrive?Can't launch mediafire in China..... Thanks
  2. thanks to the goverment,i can't visit mediafire,can you also make a skydirve mirro? thanks
  3. Can i just use the phone.apk in rickywyatt's rom?
  4. Thanks for your work! Can you upload the update1.zip to skydirve? I can't visit mediafire.com
  5. Hello,i can't see any files on mediafire.com. Is the link http://www.mediafire.com/?jvbmsdd1tw6kt right?
  6. hello,first i need to say that i thank you very much,but there are many bugs ,i can't run angriy birds and raging thunders 2,can you help me?
  7. i am a user from bbs of zhangku,and there are many users report bugs about you last rom,i wish you can go and have a look much thanks to you this is the link http://bbs.zhangku.com/thread-12772-1-1.html
  8. can i ask about when you can upload the new rom?
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