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  1. please what version of ADT was you used? If i run ADT my phone wont be recognized. I have installed drivers from this thread. actual driver and ADT version screens are in the attachment EDIT: I will try acer Download Tool [RD] v1.285 and same result :(
  2. Beta 2 problems in Liquie E Ferrari: - still missing battery info -> phone say Connect Charger - can't connect to WiFi -> when I run phone in first time and set up a hided WiFi with WPA2 security, phone can't connect to it, restart phone was not resolve problem - camera -> cant connect to the camera PS: sorry for my english. Darei
  3. Hi Rajit, thank you but your turtorial didn't work :-( Any others solution? When I put Malez into the phone, recovery mode was not load. Just blink the screen and reboot to OS mode :-(
  4. Hi Auxx, thanks for the FAQ, but this isn't working for me. When i connect phone (Liquid E Ferrari), phone was connect ok over MTP protocol, I a have no yellow icon in Device Manager. But ADT won't recognize my phone. Do you have any other idea? Thank
  5. please i have an acer liquid e ferrari, but i can not use ADT to recovery stock rom in CM9 rom ADT was not detect my phone is there any solution? I have flash CM9 from LN 1.9.2. with proper steps Thanks.
  6. Where I can change a SMS center #. In stock app is not this value. This is maybe help with my problem. Thanks
  7. Hi again, I have another problem (again). I can not set a CSD only way to send SMS. This choice isn't in stock SMS/MMS app. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  8. Ok im am so little stupid ... sorry I moved widget to SD and this is why widget is not working ... sorry Darei
  9. Yes, rename file to update.zip and before flashing do wipe all. Darei
  10. AudioGuru widget and batterysolo widget not found in widget menu ... Can you help pls? Thanks
  11. Guys ... MANY THANKS !!! It is working for me. Thank you. Happy Darei :-) moderator pls close this tread ... thx
  12. steps: - ACER download tool - install EMEA GEN.1 - install malez (non ferrari variant) - in malez wipe all, update to LN 1.8 right?
  13. Hi ~renzs, can I flash GEN1 firmware to G1F phone? If yes, flash with A1 flashing tool? Thanks. Darei
  14. Partition checksum splash1:chksum = 8ba9da08 OK boot:chksum=a483829D !=0Fd40957 **fail** recovery and system same fails I wipe all from malez twice, apply an update (LiquidNext 1.8) and this is a result :-( If I wipe all from Malez menu a perform restart, still LN 1.8 logo was show ... I think, wipe all from malez didn't working for me.
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