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  1. They offered to unlock mine for £15.32 Would you like to share how you got yours down to £10?
  2. Joey, could you upload a picture of the actual turbo sim? Maybe we can find another supplier of the exact same model... Thanks
  3. none taken still, since the price drop appears to be definitive, that's what I meant that the title should reflect
  4. just in case you want to edit this post, it will be safe here :D
  5. It's pretty official as far as I'm concerned, not just a weekend promotion http://shop.orange.c...nge-monte-carlo Cheers
  6. I could get a hold of one next thursday. would a rom port to the monte carlo make it sim free?
  7. Any chance of a surface similar to the one on the back of the Palm Pixi Plus? I don't know many will agree, but I think its superb and I would definitely buy one and recommend it to others as well.
  8. you should add: I'm not on Orange but I got the phone regardless and now waiting for the unlock
  9. yes, the exat same item, from the same auction darren2 linked hopefully mine is just DOA I've contacted the seller for some info, hopefully he will answer...
  10. I have the one in auction 150623967124 and it does not work with O2, Tesco and even Orange. Hopefully DOA ... ?
  11. I received that exact universal sim unlocker today: it Does NOT Work on the OMC With some sims, the phone does not pick up a signal With others, they are not recognised as inserted in the phone Have tried on a Defy as well and got the same results on the same sims. O2 (UK), Lebara (Denmark), Vodafone (Romania), TIM (Italy), Poste Mobile (Italy) Putting in an Orange sim card, with the adapter, as far as the phone is concerned the sim does not appear as inserted.
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