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  1. GEN 2 ONLY! Check Out the Wiki! the good 'ole disclaimer : And finally, huge thanks goes to everyone who has worked on the CyanogenMod project. Not limited to, of course: Tom G, HCDR Jacob, MoDaCo forum members and the CyanogenMod team. I (Victor von Zeppelin) am in no way responsible for this ROM, I am merely an unofficial source gathering up the sometimes confusing bits and pieces. You know who are excellent? The people bringing you this ROM. Why not donate a little. It can only help, right. Go on, they'll love you forever, promise. How do you donate? You click this here link, that's how.
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    You shouldn't have done that
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    CM7 Nightlies Topic [Nightly 28- 21/03/2011]

    Well, I had the great idea of creating a new account and using that to post my lovely new page. Guess what? No HTML option on that, either :D

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