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  1. Does the BT work properly on this, as I have always struggled with upgrading from 4.1.2. I found the CM 10.1 4.2.2 version had problems with BT on my San Francisco Blade so have been using very successfully the version 14.5 CM 10 (continuation of KonstaT's work) Would be nice if it did? Either way, thanks again for the work and continued support on this and other ROM's.
  2. has anyone a mirror for gapps-jb42-20130307-KonstaKANG.zip as I am struggling to download it from mediafire for some reason. Thanks. Never mind, got it to finally work, had to put page into desktop mode, not mobile view. Silly mistake :P
  3. I have for some time now been using both the Samba and Ovivo data sims. The saving/adding of Mb via Samba is good, though only possible on my PC. My tablet (Asus Infinity TF700) has the flash player issue, therefore cannot load the ads viewing page. But like most say, I simply have a separate tab open on my PC when I remember and add some credit in the background. The Ovivo data (free 500) sim I have has been great also and takes a hammering first generally for Mb each month, and then should I need more, I eat into the Samba credit. It is useful having both sims also as they are different networks. I cannot get 3 network at work, so the Ovivo is the only solution, likewise at home Ovivo does not connect at full speed onto my dongle, so I use the Samba sim. Though not much point as at home, so can use my wifi lol. All in all, a great solution for free broadband on my tablet (and mobile) via my mifi dongle. For information, I bought a 2nd hand Huawei E585 off an auction site and unlocked it myself, which works great. If anyone wants a sim, then PM me and i'll happily send a recommendation link for either network (and GiffGaff also) and hopefully get us both a bit of free credit.
  4. I have installed the latest update and it's working fine, thank you for such a swift rom compared to earlier ICS's and also for the battery life improvement. However when i try to install the gapps, it installs in clockwork, but when i come to boot up and get to launcher there are no apps added. How can i get the apps to appear? i've tried both gapps_ics_4.0.4-fix gapps-ics-20120429-signed Neither works for me, is this a partition sizing issue maybe?
  5. Just read this article online regarding the Transformer 2 and potential release dates being indicated as this year !!!! :) looks like around 100dollars more for it too... Now waiting and seeing what comes up in the days to come. http://www.slashgear.com/asus-eee-pad-transformer-2-imminent-says-ceo-ice-cream-sandwich-at-end-of-2011-04185089/ http://news.softpedia.com/news/ASUS-Eee-Pad-Transformer-2-Comes-in-October-214647.shtml IPAD 2 prices !!! http://news.softpedia.com/news/ASUS-Eee-Pad-Transformer-2-Not-Cheap-at-All-225227.shtml
  6. You should be able to enter your paypal email and a code that was sent to your email to unlock it. Otherwise click in the options to unlock and ask for new code to be sent, then enter it.
  7. 2 questions about this ROM. Having been using V4 green for a long time (and recently switched to V5) I am noticing 2 things that are missing that I liked. The power widgit and it's functionality, I think this comes from CM7. Is it possible to bring something across? The closest I have found is widgitzoid, but it's not quite there. The 2nd is being able to turn 3G/2G on/off. The menu option seems to be missing from the Network section, does this mean I cannot get the added benefit of 2G battery life with this ROM? Just another comment, not really a question, but does the WIFI switch off when screen off, as I used to have it set to never and with V4 green it would reconnect when I woke up my phone, but with this it seems to stay on even when screen off. Have I missed a toggle/option somewhere? Either way, thank you for a great set of roms so far and please continue, in the mean time have a lovely holiday :blink:)
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