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  1. Michealtbh

    Three revamp their SIM-only plans

    I'm on the One plan, signed up about a year ago. Does anyone know if my tethering will remain truly unlimited or will I get the 4GB cap?
  2. Michealtbh

    Cannot get RKTools17 to see Hudl

    No problem. That problem drove me nuts, finally found that solution after an hour or 2 of googling
  3. Michealtbh

    Cannot get RKTools17 to see Hudl

    I had the same problem, try the solution on post 46 of this thread http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/365575-Stock-Hudl-ROM-for-RKTools-[updated:-latest-available-ROM-20131016.200812]#entry2182363
  4. Michealtbh

    Charging Issues followed by micro USB socket detachment!

    It will almost certainly be wiped and factory reset during refurbishment
  5. Michealtbh

    Device play store 'last used' not updating

    Is sync enabled?
  6. Michealtbh

    Tesco Hudl USB OTG Issue

    Just tried and external storage mounts fine to /mnt/usb_storage just fine on my son's completely stock Hudl.
  7. Michealtbh

    Tesco Hudl USB OTG Issue

    Have you tried using Stick Mount?
  8. Figured it out with some advice from another forum, had to slightly modify config.ini
  9. I have a weird issue. RKtools isn't picking up the Hudl at all despite the drivers seemingly being properly installed. I've tried rebooting both my laptop and the Hudl several times, reinstalling the drivers etc etc but nothing I do is helping. Has anyone got any ideas?
  10. Is it possible to push this to the correct partition on a rooted Hudl using a terminal emulator (from Android)? If so, can someone tell me the command to do so? Thanks.
  11. Michealtbh

    Is it just me, or do Hudl's not have a functional MENU button?

    3 dots only appear on the nav bar on poorly coded or old apps, I haven't seen it in any apps in a long time, it's not a common occurrence
  12. Have you enabled USB debugging?
  13. Michealtbh

    Xposed Framework - Gravity Box

    I use it, works great
  14. Kingo definitely works, I used it earlier today
  15. Kingo tool is much easier http://www.kingoapp.com/android-root.htm

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