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  1. Aurimas L.

    Huawei G510 Review

    Too heavy...
  2. Poweramp doesnt work with R2 Barcode scanner also.
  3. Got today random reboot. R1 to R2 over OTA Freeze in the phone app settings also
  4. Anyone noticed strange lag when using smartkeyboard pro when typing quite fast?..
  5. For me it always shows NO INTERNET CONNECTION :o
  6. http://failai.kava.lt/download.php?id=50C5AFBA1 here you go
  7. Yes, notification bar frozen to mee also. Only the restart solved the problem... LED notifications not working...
  8. OMG! Now phone is so fokin' fast :o
  9. But in GB it works... Is it ICS problem?
  10. Proximity sensor has problems... Screen turns off, but not wakes up when making a call... Hmz, tried infusion rom, same problem occurs...
  11. Aurimas L.

    [DEV] Sense 4 Port to G300

    B&W settings icons, like in AOSP ICS, look better, than those in Sense...
  12. Bug? Notification bar so empty...
  13. Now I've got wifi freeze everytime or 95% when I turn it on... :-/
  14. Got wifi freeze on R2...

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