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  1. Great work at all. Unfortunately I'm totally full with work this week. But in the next week i should have some free time to help you a little bit. ;)
  2. Great work at all as anytime. ;) Unfortunately i run out of time in the moment, but i have tested your libgps. It works, but i have 2 issues with it: 1. It seems that HC don´t see the gps data, it doesnt work for me when i can see valid nmea data on ttyUSB3 2. after suspend, the gps ports changes to ttyUSB6 and 7, but i know this problem, because i wrote a little app that works with the mock locations api and when the serial lines are not closed before suspend they will be enumerated as 6 and 7 ;) rebel1
  3. Yes, of course. I work on it, but we are all little bit busy in the moment. :rolleyes: It should be released soon. :D rebel1
  4. Hi Eduardo, great work again. ;) I wish that I have only the half of your knowledge about the linux kernel and drivers! But I have amazing fun to learn from you and your work on this project. Big thanks for that. :D Ok, back to topic. Your patch have no side effects for people like me that becomes valid data from the TPS before the last patch, now we will see, if it can fix the problem for people that have a problem with the clock before. I don´t understand at the moment why the TPS rtc did not delivers valid data for them. Rene
  5. Ok, i checked it again. The problem is, that when kernel and android starts , the system time and date is set by the TPS rtc (when it have valid data),this is rtc1. But when you set date and time under Android it is written to rtc0, the tegra rtc and not to rtc1. Unfortunately the tegra rtc can't hold the data when you power off and so you loose date and time after reboot. A quick workaround is to set only the TPS rtc active in the kernel,but then we will loose alarm wakeups in deep standby. rebel1
  6. That is what i mean in my post at TabletRoms. But I have no idea, why it doesn´t work for some poeple?! :huh: I compile the kernel with both rtc´s , because android alarms only work on the tegra rtc. The only trick that i did is to set rtc1 (The TPS rtc) in the kernel config as default rtc for system date and clock. And yes, the tegra rtc don´t hold the data after powerdown. rebel1
  7. please send me dmesg logs, made directly after boot. (And post what device you own.) rebel1
  8. VegaComb 3.2 Build 9b und 9n Update1 Features: Working Deep StandbyUpdated camera libRe-added App Drivemount Downloads, please choose the right Version ! (or you Bootloop): Update für Build9b: VegaComb_HC3.2_Build9b_update1.zip Update für Build9n: VegaComb_HC3.2_Build9n_update1.zip
  9. I prepare an update for VC 9n and 9b right now. Wait a little bit, then you can downlod it at the known threads.
  10. Hi Eduardo, unfortunately we have a bug in the latest patch set, because I wondered this day that my battery is draining faster than before. So I look to the kernel log and see that my Pov did not go really to suspend: [ 531.419490] platform reg-dummy: LATE suspend [ 531.419517] power power.0: LATE suspend [ 531.419589] pm_noirq_op(): platform_pm_suspend_noirq+0x0/0x38 returns -11 [ 531.419626] PM: Device power.0 failed to suspend late: error -11 [ 531.419665] platform reg-dummy: EARLY resume [ 531.419695] tegra-i2c tegra-i2c.0: EARLY resume Suspend log Rene P.D.: This is not caused by the latest patch set, i test earlier builds and all have the same problem?! But no one noticed it before,like me ??
  11. Hi Eduardo, great work again. Gtalk and all other is now working with your lib. About Videorecording, are you sure that it is not only a problem with your Camera.apk? It works for me with yours and redscorpions libs since ages. ;) Rebel1 Download for Camera.apk: Camera.zip
  12. Great Eduardo, no problems with the latest changes so far. rebel1
  13. Hi, wifi crash was a false alarm, it was caused by a kernel debug option that the wifi driver don´t like. :( Now for me , all works for me at the moment. The working apk is attached. ShuttleTools.zip
  14. This apk could not work unmodified. I upload a changed one that is working.
  15. Ok, now i have enabled wifi and kernel panics, but i have to stop now and debug it later in the evening. rebel1
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