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  1. Lol, you really think that someone will help you with stealing apps? Mods, please delete this topic..
  2. Just a quick question: is bluetooth working well on this ROM? I want to use BT car headset with this phone
  3. Let me reply to your highly philosophic answer: fadsufjhaslkfudhwkfl jadskjfh askjfhasd lksjdhf
  4. Definitely. I gave my OSF to my girlfriend (I was using Link2SD and she isn't) and she had no random reboots whatsoever (it's 4 weeks now)
  5. I can definitely say that removed CM Updater is not cause of non-functioning CM account. I have an SGS and there isn't CM Updater as well and CM account is working without problems. Anyway, I found CM account quite useless. System can track and wipe phone on his own after the Device manager feature was introduced.
  6. I'm afraid you'll need to buy another device to use that feature
  7. The latest build with OTG support is old Froyo (don't ask me for link, just google it, maybe you'll find something)
  8. Damn, didn't noticed that, thought they are the same :D Yeah, that one
  9. Yeah, I got a slightly different cable - instead of female micro USB there is a male USB
  10. Exactly like on my SGS 1, you can easily buy Y-shaped USB cable on eBay or Dealextreme...also, there's no problem to buy an USB charger and you're good to go ;)
  11. You have to add an extra line into build.prop if you want to use Blade without the SIM card (don't ask me for that line :P )
  12. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2189373 ;) You can't expect a good performance from an entry smartphone like ZTE Blade. But if you want the best possible performance for Blade, try GingerBread builds (CM7 for example)
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