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  1. Store ROM into SD card Boot into CWM Recovery Convert to Ext3 using zip provided in an earlier post Wipe Cache Wipe User Data Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache Advanced > Wipe Battery Stats Install from Zip Reboot Should work. You might need to install from Zip a 2nd time to make sure it's properly done. Worked for me.
  2. Add a third to the list - I tested by moving the notification bar, and it simply freezes and I can't do anything outside of trying to shut it down (of course, it doesn't happen because the notification window is still there, thus I have to battery pull). Also, what's up with the lockscreen - the unlock drag bar is now a different transparency, as are the numpad keys - they're almost opaque. This is noticeable because the padlock icon is the same transparency as before, but it doesn't turn opaque (touch event lost somewhere?) with the rest of the unlock bar when I drag it.
  3. Paul, would it be possible to insert the "Remove Battery Full popup" into this Vanilla bake please? I've tried using the kitchen for a custom bake but I've been having lockups as experienced by many others, so this vanilla ROM has been the most stable for me so far.
  4. does anyone else have this problem - I can't place an icon on the bottom most row on the 2nd to the left slot on homepages 2 and 4 (if 3 is the default middle homepage) e.g. 1111 2222 3333 4#44 where the hash tag is. the icon simply disappears :) [edit] Never mind, reboot seems to have fixed it. [DoubleEdit] Appears to be due to the folder mysteriously having a 'ghost' presence in the 2 and 4th pages. I opened up my folder on the exact spot in the default homepage and there were all my tiles lol.
  5. Make sure you've wiped the cache and internal SD contents (there's two wipe options in the main menu of Clockwork) after you flashed the ROM. Everytime you flash a ROM which is different from your previous ROM (for example, stock to Modaco, or Modaco to Cyanogen) you will need to wipe the contents of your phone. The exceptions are for when the ROM maker explicity tells you to wipe regardless (or not), as is the case with the modaco FR1-FR3 to FR4+ releases (i.e. You must wipe to install FR4+ releases if you came from FR3, but if you were on FR4 previously, a wipe is not necessary). Obviously make a backup before anything else if you have precious data stored on your phone, or need a quick way to revert the phone to working status if the latest ROM you want to flash is not working.
  6. That reminds me, when can I get access to the Ad Free subscription from the superetrader bundle? I sent the email but I was a bit concerned over the '+' symbol (I don't recall the last time I saw a + in an email address!) and was wondering if it went through or not, no bounce reports or anything from this end though. [edit]I extracted the apk and grabbed the images, no need for LG bloat here! :D
  7. Paul, do you know where the LG wallpapers are stored, I quite liked the Cityscape one and accidentally swapped it out, and the LG wallpaper gallery has gone from the Stock ROM.
  8. Thank you ever so much Paul. I can now finally play Dungeon Defenders!
  9. I'm happy to say that after 9hours at work it's only hit 75%! granted, didn't use it much aside from two calls and 5 mins of angry birds but it's a far cry from hitting 20% yesterday after the same 9 hours!
  10. I got my phone on Saturday, so I've kept it charged whenever possible at home. On Monday I had my first real test and it was rather discerning to see it drop 10% every hour, even with Wifi off. I gave it another full charge and now it's seeping bits of battery (it's now dropping 5% or so per hour). Will keep an eye on it, but it seems that the battery does become much better once 'broken in'. Using Modaco FR4.
  11. Finally managed to install FR4... seems to be fine so far, except Dungeon Defenders doesn't work - it displays the splash screen, then simply returns me to the apps scroller with nary a error window. Anyone else have a similar problem?? [edit]Yeeeeoup.... looking at Trendy's forums it does appear that it doesn't work. This is a bit sad seeing that the manufacturers were pushing this game as part of their Tegra marketing strategy :D
  12. Hello all, I'm preparing to install CR into my O2X, however, do I require official LG USB drivers (if there are any???) before I can proceed? I plugged it into my Win XP machine and it fails to install any drivers, the OP makes no mention of installing any drivers but I wanted to make sure beforehand.
  13. My 2001 Seat Ibiza seems to have held onto the Clingo well on the middle-right vent... I can't pull it out but I haven't fully pried it in yet (that's the problem with hard plastics, you're always scared you might snap 'em off if you use too much force D:)
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