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  1. So I have been messing about installing various gapps to /system somehow I have a version of gmail that doesn't automatically update but yet youtube and others don't work in the same way. I have tested it and version 3 of Google Play services drains about 30% of my Xoom's battery in the same time with v3 it is about 4%. (And the whole device gets more laggy). All the recent updates seem to benefit Google not me. (If I need to stop using Google Play all together I will.) Even AOSP versions for calendar and search would be fine by me. Anybody have similar issues? (The way I deal with it depends on if it is just for me or not). If I am not using Google Maps v6 I don't want any location tracking enabled. I don't want to login to YouTube. I want the clean and easy to use gmail.
  2. Google Play services basically makes my Xoom's battery absolutely useless ever since it was installed. When thinking of a solution I realised pretty much all the gapps are worse than ever as well so I am looking for a way to downgrade all of them to none Google+ enabled versions and get rid of my battery drain. (I would like them to be stopped from ever being updated again as well even if it means I lose access to e.g Sonic the Hedgehog 2). Google Play Services seems to make apps that depend on it run like total garbage on my device. (Even some that were working perfectly and don't look any different). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Wait are you running now 4.1.2 ? (Because that is what the x900 rom there is).
  4. So nobody has even tried it yet ? (It is definately a 4.1.2 ROM and the build.prop is for the X900)
  5. Wonder why they used that CPU - Medfield Z2460 is clocked higher. (I know they won't support Linux on Atom Z2760 which would be the obvious choice due to Microsoft). I think it will be updated with a new atom very shortly and then I might get one.
  6. So how to they get away with not offering the mandatory 1 year warranty (Or 2 if you know enough about the EU regs to get it - I don't bother) if they are a UK company ? Is the rom and keyboard properly localised ? (i.e UK layout without needing external keyboard helper pro). Is there something other than them being a platinum sponsor that makes this particularly good. afaik there are no docs or sources from rockchip. (Worse than Allwinner / much worse than the big names - Qualcomm / Nvidia / TI) I am more interested in something to run standard Linux (With Wayland). Don't think Rockchip are very friendly to anything. If modaco has a good source drop then maybe it is different. (There again even if something is commited the Andypad situation could happen again).
  7. At least the ones compatible with WP7 and WP8 take up quite a bit of space if they are XNA but silverlight ones take basically no space at all. The OS probably takes more but if it is a deodexed rom then you waste quite a bit more space just booting for the first time. (I think all roms should be odexed - themers should create odex'ed themes. In exchange for 100MB on the phone of every person using a (deodexed) rom themers save about 5 or 10 mins).
  8. Do you know if the ethernet is connected to USB (Like the Raspberry pi) or something decent like AHB on those two boards ?
  9. I think the design will be copied and a factory load made before too long. (And then from Hong Kong they will be a price war on ebay probably be able to get one for $0.99 on a bid).
  10. You need to look at the docs for the Medfield platform. And get connected to the IOSF-OCP Bridge somehow. If Intel had made any particularly stupid moves it is likely they would have been found by now. (By people who make their living by selling tools to people who can only click a button.) The trick of patching the radio (So the phone thinks the code is right when it is actually wrong) won't work because everything is signed. Don't even think a signed unlocked bootloader would help.
  11. Matthew 7:12 12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Luke 6:31 31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. Pointless proclaiming to be religious and then outright ignoring the most fundimental teachings of the religion. -- Religion has absolutely no place whatsoever on a tech forum. But if you mix religion -- Quotes are from Kings James Bible because I think it reads the best but I am not religious. -- I do believe that part is a good way to live your life however. So even as a none religious person I would expect to give my IMEI to anyone asking for mine. -- Nothing worse than a hypocrite. (Well there is but it is a commonly used saying).
  12. Only thing I really want is Google Fibre.
  13. Oh and multiple monitor support is better (For Desktop mode - but they made some braindead choices when it comes to metro i.e you cannot keep a metro app on one monitor and the desktop on the other and use them independently). Basic performance is better so it is worth having just for that. (IE 10 metro might be great if I bother setting up squid and privoxy (With adblock plus lists).
  14. The Mail app was great - (For Google accounts anyway you could use Exchange Activesync - Probably more than likely why it was killed.) Problem is I did a system refresh which broke it. (I thought all metro stuff like that was cloud synced but when it comes to Google Accounts that totally isn't the case). It works properly when it comes to Windows Phone 7 (Probably 8 as well) read it on the desktop and the notification goes from the phone. (Works less decent with Gmail imap).
  15. It will likely be cloned by the chinese and sold for $0.99 or whatever before long. (5V is not as dangerous as using cheap laptop chargers). My tablet stand cost about £5 and it is a total clone of a £120 ipad stand only difference is steel not aluminium but it works great.
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