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  1. Hey twrock, you still here? Is anyone still developing for this device? Sadly mine got stolen but I remember it fondly and would buy another Pulse if I could find one..
  2. I have since come to own a Samsung Note II now and I am blown away by the performance - after all its only 20x more powerful than pulse.. Having said that, believe it or not, there are still things I miss about the pulse like the track ball for moving to exact part of word to fix spelling mistakes and the hardware buttons for dialing and hanging up. I found a little app called 'button remapper' somewhere on XDA developers site that allowed me to play/pause tracks on the pulse using the camera button I never used. Long-pressing on Vol^up and Vol^down allowed me to skip to next/previous track when phone locked. I recommend it! I still think these buttons are hugely important and unfortunately lacking in newer phones. There's a lot to be said for just pressing the green button 3 times and immediately dialing the last person in the call log.. What I also miss is this vibrant forum. The Samsung Note section of Modaco is nothing compared to the contributions, dev efforts, hacks and determination of those in the pulse forum.. if anyone wants to compare experiences with Samsung note, I've gone over to scottsroms.com forum!
  3. Just trying to figure this out, so I guess this won't work for me because my Baseband version ends in I9: N7100UBALI9 and by the same token my build number is therefore: JRO03C.N7100UBALI9 Is that correct? Can someone point me in the right direccion here? thanks
  4. There is a good review here covering top5 ROMs for NOTE II: http://reviews.cnet....ote-2-50009961/ With an extensive and up to date list on this page: http://www.grantbark...axy-note-2-roms Which are most on this forum using (if any aside from factory-shipped) and are happy with and why I wonder?? EDIT: Just discovered: Alliance Rom - http://downloadandroidrom.com/file/GalaxyNote2/roms/JellyBAM/jellybam-v7.4.0_n7100-STABLE.zip DESCRIPTION: You are downloading Alliance ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Android smartphone. and JellyBAM Rom - http://downloadandroidrom.com/file/GalaxyNote2/roms/JellyBAM/jellybam-v7.4.0_n7100-STABLE.zip DESCRIPTION: You are downloading JellyBAM ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android smartphone. JellyBAM ROM is an AOSP Android 4.2.2 ROM made from a mix of AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, and CM10.1 ROMs. thanks, Peter
  5. There is a real misconception about these plastic covers on new phones in Latin America. Everyone puts them on because no one seems to realise many like Note II come with Gorilla Glass.
  6. Interesting, I will test this out with the auto brightness.. According to gsmarena.com, Samsun S II has inferior dpi screen pixels compared to the Note II. the Samsun SIII however should be better than Note II: http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=4238&idPhone2=4854
  7. Posted asking about similar items before I noticed this thread, great information here. thanks a lot!
  8. As per the usual disclaimer, this worked for me. Hope it works for you too but don't hold me accountable if anything goes wrong. Okay, these are the exact steps which worked for me: You will need: -Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 smartphone -USB cable (I found a blackberry USB cable worked just fine if you can't find the manufacturer-supplied cable) -I used Windows7 and it worked (I don't see that XP would be a problem though Vista may well cause issues with drivers and UAC user security settings) *Note I had avira antivirus installed on PC, but no intrusion detection/firewall/windows firewall activated or installed. This posed no issues for me -Samsung Kies (provides the necessary drivers), otherwise you will have to hunt down the correct Samsung USB drivers -Enable USB debugging on phone (in Settings -> System -> Development) -decent battery power left on the device just in case the process should get rudely interrupted (ie read 'bricking' potential here). I would say at least 40% battery to be on the safe side. From what I have read: Odin allows you to flash files on your Android device, including Kernels, stock and custom ROMs, along with different hacks. Flashing stock ROMs with Odin will usually not increase the flash counter, while custom ROMs and Kernels most definitely do increase it. 1. I downloaded the latest (recommended) Odin I could find (version 3.07) from here: http://forum.xda-dev...21&d=1341114315 2. Downloaded Kies and installed on Windows7. Got 'kiesSetup.exe' for Windows from: http://www.samsung.com/us/kies/ -> http://downloadcente...5/KiesSetup.exe (note this is quite large at 65.7Mb and setup takes a while to install too so you just have to wait this out and recommended to have the phone connected by USB during the install) 3. Downloaded https://hotfile.com/...121015.rar.html Extract the cwm6-root-n7100-121015.rar file and there you need to obtain the cwm6-root-n7100-121015.tar file. Unfortunately I did not succeed with this file so I downloaded Openrecovery from here: http://goo.im/devs/O...overy/t0ltespr/ and I picked the latest version ( - openrecovery-twrp- Save this on local hard disk (c:\temp), otherwise the rooting process will fail. 4. Disconnect your smartphone from the PC if it is still connected and then turn off your smartphone. 5. Run Odin (run odin.exe file) on PC (version 3.07) 6. Now, boot your Note II device into Download Mode. For this you must press and hold the following combination of buttons: Volume Down, Home, and finally press Power buttons (note: you should be holding down 3 buttons) until a “Warning” message is displayed. Let go and then press the Up key to start Download Mode. Now, connect your smartphone to the computer with the USB cable. In the Odin window, you need to see the “Added!!”message. This message is located at the bottom left of the window Odin software and can take a few seconds for the device to be recognised. In the ODIN app click on the PDA button and then select openrecovery-twrp- file. Verify if the file is shown on the space immediately beside the PDA button. Important: Don’t change anything in the ODIN, as is expecting for adding this .tar file Verify and make sure that the “Re-partition” box option is not ticked. Other than this, the only default options that should be ticked are 'Auto Reboot' and 'F. Reset time' Now, provided that the phone has been connected to the PC for at least 20 seconds, press Start button in the ODIN application to begin to install the Recovery. If the phone was very recently connected, the Start button will go black again 2 seconds or so after it is pressed and you will have to try again. IMPORTANT: Once this process is started, be patient! Do not move or disconnect or do anything as this can take 5 minutes or more until the flashing process is completed. When the installation is successfully done, your device will get a reboot automatically. At the same time, the Odin will show a “PASS” message. When the SAMSUNG logo is displayed, then you can safely remove the smartphone from the computer. Important: If the ODIN display the “FAIL” message or gets stuck, then you must disconnect your smartphone from the computer and close the ODIN application. Go and remove the battery device, wait few seconds and then reinsert the battery. After that, repeat the guide from the step 5. Note: These instructions guided me along the way: http://android.sc/ho...y-note-2-n7100/ though I wasn't successful until the 4th time I tried it with exactly what I have explained above. Finally, once the phone rebooted, it prompted me for the installation of 'SuperSU' app to complete the rooting process. Then, I downloaded 'terminal' and 'SuperUser' apps and opened terminal, where I typed 'su'. This brought up supersu program which prompted me whether to grant terminal root access rights, where I pressed 'grant' and succeeded in rooting this phone. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope this helps someone out there and this sparks more ROM developers to take the plunge and experiment with this device! Now, I have a question, has anyone managed to flash Clockwork recovery on this phone successfully or successfully backed up the factory image using Openrecovery because my backups fail with Openrecovery with the default options/partitions set. ->EDIT: I have since rebooted the phone, ran ODIN again and (now it's rooted), pointed it to the abovementioned downloaded https://hotfile.com/...121015.rar.html and this time it succeeded! The output I got from Odin was: <ID:0/004> Added!! <ID:0/004> Odin v.3 engine (ID:4).. <ID:0/004> File analysis.. <ID:0/004> SetupConnection.. <ID:0/004> Initialzation.. <ID:0/004> Get PIT for mapping.. <ID:0/004> Firmware update start.. <ID:0/004> cache.img <ID:0/004> NAND Write Start!! <ID:0/004> recovery.img <ID:0/004> RQT_CLOSE !! <ID:0/004> RES OK !! <ID:0/004> Removed!! <ID:0/004> Remain Port .... 0 <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0) <ID:0/007> Added!! <ID:0/007> Removed!! For what seemed like a long time, I got 'RESET' displayed on Odin. I wasn't until Android fully came up and I tried calling the phone that it completed with 'PASS' and I disconnected the USB cable. I think I then went into 'ROM Manager' which I have installed and told it to reboot into recovery. At this point it asked me whether to reboot into: Clockwork 2.x or Clockwork 3.x I selected 3.x rebooted and after a while it now goes into Clockwork I was able to successfully backup then. i see that Clockwork is available and Clockwork touch. In people's experience, which is the most stable, recommended version of Clockwork?? =>EDIT: I have, through ROM Manager, now successfully updated and rebooted into ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.3.0. It tells me I have x space free on the SD card. Funny that, I haven't bought an SD card yet but anyway.. I don't think I will be purchasing ClockworkMod Touch version unless anyone can give me a compelling reason to do so..? thanks, Peter
  9. After 2 days of owning this device, I felt the urge to root and I am very haven't looked back!
  10. Hello everyone, I have joined the 21st century with Note II after my Huawei pulse was stolen last week! I noticed someone else on the Samsung forum has bought an extended battery from MugenPower and I was wondering if anyone has bought this similar item for the Note II: http://www.mugen-power-batteries.com/samsung/samsug-galaxy-note-2-gt-7105/mugen-power-6400mah-extended-battery-for-samsung-galaxy-note-2-with-battery-door.html What I like about this is that it comes with a clip-stand but it looks huge and so far the battery seems better than my last phone, even though this one is 20 times more powerful! I was also wondering if someone has found a good case/keyboard/wallet for this phone since in its current state - without any protection, it is liable to just slip out my pocket all too easily. At the moment, I find the most convenient thing to do is unfold my wallet and slip in inside along with the notes and then I am more confident it's not going to get lost quite so easily. Any suggestions for me? Maybe I should be hunting around for a wallet the same size as the phone instead.. thanks, Peter
  11. I've noticed the same exageration taking place with the radio signal level icon on newer versions of Android >froyo but you all probably haven't noticed because you are on Jelly bean already right..?
  12. I have not continued to participate in the forums since my Huawei U8220 was stolen from me by a pickpocket a few days ago. Unless I get another one, this is the end of my time on this forum. Thanks all for all your help. Its a wonderful phone and unless I get something significantly better, I may even buy another one! It's sad since I have really grown attached to it, even though its old and has limitations, I was very content and it did everything I ever wanted from a phone. So long..
  13. @jgilalonso Another thought, If you say your phone is running out of space (is Android complaining?) It could be your /data partition is full. try the command: df -k /data If you prefer not to use terminal,I can recommend: Link2sd app tells me where my hard disk space is being used up (diskusage app too for that matter is excellent for ths purpose and does only that) System panel app/task manager is very good at telling you where your RAM is being used It sounds like your Android OS is fine, just a few changes required for stability. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Desalesouche, Back to the issue at hand, I still haven't found the time to start taking the kernel apart/attempt a compile of ar6000.ko. Another question you may be able to help me with though, how do you recommend I edit the framework-res.apk file? apktool?? I am trying to remove the additional languages I do not use.
  15. Time machine and UK/Hungarian/TRE rom will give you /system of 110Mb AFAIK. Suerte
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