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  1. Great work :D Can I flash this through cwm? Thanks :) Nvm: flashed it with flash tool and it works fine.
  2. I think the gps problem is more hardware related. You could tweak some things but don't expect miracles :)
  3. Just installed it, com.android.phone still crashes and wifi doesn't work anymore? I think B1 is still the most stable. Also maybe you could add this CallerID fix http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_message/39631859#39631859 It's dutch but basically it fixes the callerid to just compare 7 numbers with the contacts instead of 11, not that important but maybe you have the same problem? Thanks :)
  4. No problem, it just confused me :) Edit: Any succes with uploading? :)
  5. Just tried and lgcamera also doesn't work here. Btw I see you added supercharger instructions in your post, isn't enabled by default?
  6. Installed 1.1 yesterday evening and it works fine, only bugs I've come across are a com.android.phone crash after boot and while I was sleeping my phone froze. But overall this rom is very smooth :D Thanks
  7. Good job, I was waiting for this :D Will try it later this week. Thanks :) Btw: is it possible for you to fix the red led wakelock?
  8. Well, I can select it but the dictionary is empty. English works fine :/ I've tried the Swiftkey keyboard and it works fine, so I'll use that instead.
  9. I don't have a keyboard dictionary (dutch) on the 4.1.2 beta. I already tried the ics spellcheck fix on the jellybean beta but it didn't work. Is there a similar fix for 4.1.2, if so where can I find this? Thanks ^^
  10. I also had an unresponsive touchscreen from time to time, but recently I replaced the digitiser and everything is working fine again. :)
  11. Yeah I meant internet. Backup my data was enabled but I've disabled it now, hope it works :) Thanks
  12. Android system has used 62 mb in only 2 days. Does someone else got this problem?
  13. I can't get s2e to work, it keeps saying: reboot is required. Can someone help me? Thanks :)
  14. You did a full wipe/factory reset in CWM? Or try downloading the rom again, maybe it's corrupt.

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