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  1. Flashing X10 for my g/f :)

  2. Korumera

    MIUI! :D

    I've used 622GB with the same rill and that work fine (no vork kernel or anything) but this rom drains your battery like a mad man.
  3. It's option 1 sir. They dont know what's going on. They allready announced we are getting android 2.3.3. the only question is when.
  4. Hi folks, I tried to install cyanogen mod on a friends HERO, but i forgot to wipe the phone, after the install all went fine and it rebooted fine but when the logo of cyanogen popped up it keept looping and it doesnt do anything. An other strange is is I cant seem te boot into clockworkmod (which was installed with rom manager 4.2) any ideas on how to fix this? I thought rebooting into recover was volume up and power at once. edit, nevermind, my friend kept saying it was volume up and power, but it's home and power :unsure: i'm in recovery mode now.
  5. Ok have 2 days of CM7 i'm back to FR and the FR15 runs just fine, battery life is also fine but the battery life i got from CM7 was a bit better tho :mellow: Thanks for your support again paul! You are doing a great job.
  6. FR13 feels really smooth indeed. I havent had any lag so far, even when installing 2 apps at once from the market it runs fine! :mellow: Also my battery life is well great, 50% left and it's been on for 29 hours sofar :o.
  7. Had to use this :mellow: but perhaps it's an idea to sticky this :o because it's not on the front page and it's kinda handy to have.
  8. The only logical thing i can think off is that in the new ROM there isnt a keyboard available. So if it's a rom from the kitchen make a new one and make sure a keyboard is selected.
  9. Yes you can switch back: EXT3 For any other question i advice you to just read the forum posts. Many things are explained in there :)
  10. Sorry m8 but not all reboots are fixed when removing f-secure and car home, yes it helps for some indeed but like myself i dont have f-secure and/or car home installed and still had problems with reboots. For me and for others in the FR12 thread the problem is related to Juice Defender and or Green Power. After removing that i didnt have any problems anymore.
  11. Yes juice defender and / or green power doesnt work with FR11 and FR12. I havent had a reboot allday since i removed the apps. Problem is i'm not really sure what's wrong it doesnt give an error or anything. Altho i'm glad to see i'm not the only one that's having the problem.
  12. I had reboots, and no i didnt have car home and f-secure installed in my ROM. But i havent had any reboots so far after removing juice defender and/or greenpower
  13. Hmmm ok i have feeling apps like juice defender or green power makes the phone reboot when they do some stuff to the phone (turning stuff on and off). I removed the apps (didnt had them installed both at once tho). And now the reboots are gone as far as i know.
  14. Hmm i dont know what's wrong but i'm still getting random reboots with FR12, i had the same problem with FR11 and i dont have it with FR8. I had Juice Defender installed but removed it and i'll see of that causes problems. Installted FR12 clean, so wipe, wipe cache, wipe dalvik. and install zip.
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