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  1. Please re-upload. I had this ROM on my hard drive, but somehow it got lost as time went by.
  2. In my opinion, twrock's Styx is a neat little CM6 ROM (i.e. the best you could ever get with Pulse and CM6), while your Pulse could enjoy some more air with J-Mod, an Eclair (2.1) ROM, with FTB kernel.
  3. Which ROM is currently installed on it?
  4. Thank you guys. No matter what I always do a backup (both TB and NANDroid) prior to flashing a new ROM just in case something goes wrong.
  5. Could someone answer me please? I wouldn't like to brick my phone just like that.
  6. Typing "df -h" in terminal shows that /system partition is exactly 110MB big. Is it good enough to flash this ROM?
  7. When flashing TRE 2.1 ROM it says Update Failed. Any ideas why?
  8. Does Pulse support microSDHC class 10 cards? If it does, what's the max capacity? EDIT: Few posts earlier, KiloSnow benched his Pulse with a C10 card, so, if I am not wrong, it should be okay.
  9. I know you guys can do much better, but here it goes:
  10. Also, it's based on the MTK6516 chip clocked at 416MHz, which is on the slowish side. And forget that dual CPU stuff, it is single CPU because the second CPU is actually DSP, so the apps won't use it's processing power.
  11. I know it's hardly possible (because of the U8220 hardware, not because of the developers), but is it any faster, or at least equally fast as AntonioPT's CM6.1?
  12. Did the "wipe data/factory reset" thing in ClockworkMod recovery between each try.
  13. Got it. The bootloop problem was caused by the flashing order, it isn't ROM, Gapps, DT A2SD, it is ROM, DT A2SD and then Gapps.
  14. Can't boot it on my Pulse, and I did just as it's written in the first post. Help please?
  15. @ Azurren If you find some free time, could you please give some love to the custom ROMs section in this guide? TIA
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