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  1. Liquid E ROM:Liquid Next 128MHz to 998MHz without increase voltage governer:ondemand quadrant 1500point.
  2. ALL CM9beta Liquid E (512mb ram) download link have no longer available... could you please upload it without using that god damn website, i means directly upload to mediafire or other,thanks ;)
  3. +1, 冇camera就無用-3- =============== If the camera doesn't work, For me,this rom seems not attractive-3- Despite it is ics+cm9~~~
  4. oh,thank you~ ================= By the way...I wanna know how to use the SDMAN feature, can u give me a instruction? thanks!~:unsure:
  5. Trying to flash alpha 31 on my Liquid E, thanks guy!:rolleyes: ======================= um... it's too lag,:o even without animation and force GPU accelerate option enabled. anyway,keep work,good job!~
  6. Good job mate ;) waiting for this epic rom :wub: ===== ICS, :rolleyes: i gonna eat your ass =====
  7. wow,that's pretty awesome B) waiting for ICS rom for my Liquid android1.6>2.1>2.2>2.2.2>2.3>2.3.4>2.3.5>2.3.7>4.0!!!!!!!!
  8. holy!!! i install version 2.0.9 LNP and change CPU minimum frequency to 245MHZ, all problem gonna be fixed, -battery drain back to normal(not awake at any time) -haven't auto reboot/unable to unlock after device lock -all function go ============================================================== after problem fixed,i even think that is a dream :lol: thanks for that,other user can try out above mentioned method,hope i can help you with my s u c k e d english :lol:
  9. 1.9 is not stable, can't unlock/auto reboot randomly,(maybe the cpu frequency(lowest 245>>>128), battery drain is gonna be crazy...(30%/8hours)(i see the phone is in "awake" all the time,check it,bro) 2.2.2 LNP can't enable the soft key as sms notification light,and the sd man unable to activate it(force close) all problem is on Liquid E,hope u can fix all of above mentioned problem :rolleyes: thanks,good work~
  10. after the screen lock for a long time,i can't unlock it, I need to unplug the battery and reboot my phone(Liquid E) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and market problem fixed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- battery drain reach 30%/8hours display and cell got a big part of battery draining ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gallery loop loading problem,it can't be loading all image in the gallery ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am english S u C k <_<
  11. holy s***,i just restoring my data back to my phone :lol: (first time flash)
  12. anyone can give me the latest version LNP apk file?:rolleyes: thanks :)
  13. issue: market (com.android.vending) badword up,i can't install LNP (need force close and repeat N times)<br>on Liquid E version 1.9<br>
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