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  1. Can someone point out a more or less stable Nightly to give the phone to a non-tech person? It does not have to be the latest sh*t
  2. I'm on 0522 now. wiped cache and dalvik. all day no random reboots or freezes. I did one navigation and did some casual playin for test purposes. I don't use fmradio. quite happy for now.
  3. Keen to hear in what version the crash problem is solved I'm on 0511 and just had to pull out the battery to get it workin
  4. I am using 05/08. I flashed it using TWRP over the air. Like once or twice a day the phone doesn't wake up, screen stays black. I need to put out the battery to reboot. I read in previous posts from random reboot which I don't encounter. Can anyone recommend another nightly or does anyone has the same problem?
  5. If I plug in a 3.5mm Jack and pull it out fastly, my blade reboots.. That does not happen when I pull it out gently That "bug" never came up before but not sure if I've ever done it before either. @29.3 ROM Could someone please try it out? Could also be a hardware-wise problem with my blade
  6. Is there a chance not having this point in my settings? I run the latest ROM from this thread https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9g4nii06kvh8j2/2013-03-21%2012.05.43.png
  7. How to OC anyway? Could someone help me out? Couldn't find any settings or do I need a app for that?
  8. Don't think this gonna happen and the updates are pretty regular, right now the ROM is almost perfect. To me it seems everything is working.
  9. I'd like to OTG my Logitech K400. Anyone knows if this is possible? Didn't work for me.
  10. It's not a fat battery and I don't expect much and I bought it just for testing purposes because it didn't cost me much. But I see german customs don't like importing batteries so much :P It's stuck for 14 days already.
  11. Well my 2250mAh battery is still stuck in clearance and then I also hope to have at least more than 18h of battery. My old battery just sucks... 2yrs old
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