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  1. So is it fair to believe this to be a gateway for gen2 2.3.4 or something:-P or am i being foolish:-s
  2. havent manged to successfully install ftm as yet... where exactly is fastboot.exe n steps...if u can get a bit brief
  3. Okay would someone bother to suggest... how to flash the original ftm... recovery does it with an error.. how to get this thing work...
  4. Okay would anyone explain how to get going.. right from step 1
  5. yea bo7 has better caliberation now............
  6. buzzhaina

    [ROM] Rexchun 2.3.4 (wangjin89)

    will hav a look at the original now...(edit) the original is working allright... modified has issues...
  7. buzzhaina

    [ROM] Rexchun 2.3.4 (wangjin89)

    the browser is crashing for me straight away.. staus bas crashes when i plug a usb cable.... not sure if its just me....
  8. new rom has perfect caliberation.... any working gapps pack please anyone
  9. OH dear... Here from all of us who relish the beauty of your work.... Wishing N Praying for you to Get Well Soon....!
  10. Okay for me even the battery wasnt charging... with the new kernel.. disabled the usb debugging mock locations..n its charging as of now..got to check the usb:P
  11. The new kernel calibration has gone few notches up... Kool... USB stopped working for me:-p cable is connected but nothing goes working at the status bar:-P
  12. Guys how do i force to use only 3g networks help plz
  13. Any help with market n other google apps... the one posted here dint work for me:-s
  14. A great Rom... Thanks.. i dont know if its just me... the incall volume kindoff breaks or distorts or something.. not crystal clear for me:-P
  15. Thanks finally Got to how i wanted it:D

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