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  1. Hey KonstaT! Great work on this ROM, but please use something other than Hotfile. I'd recommend either Mediafire or Copy.
  2. Really looking forward to trying out this ROM, sounds great so far. Any idea of when we'll see the first release?
  3. Been umming an ahing since it was announced. It's an awesome thing, and the price is spot-on, but... no SD card slot. Eeehhh... It's just that one thing. Perfect otherwise. 75% gonna get one, but it would be 100% if not for that one niggling little fault. My music collection alone is 6+GB, and games for Android are getting pretty big now. Ah well.
  4. Can't add much to this other than to say I really hope you can find a way of cracking this thing open. It's an awesome-looking phone that is actually within my price range, but I just can't go for it if aftermarket ROMs will be an impossibility.
  5. Thank you very much, jojo7178. I had actively looked for a TPT, but evidently not hard enough. I really appreciate your help.
  6. It tells me what I need (185MB minimum system partition). It does not tell me how to get it. Would you be so kind as to do so? I would really appreciate it.
  7. In that case, how do I enlarge the system partition? Again, sorry for noobness. Thanks TEOK
  8. Okay, sorry to spam what is likely to be noob idiocy, but I'd really appreciate some help here. I have installed gapps with Rom Manager, but still don't have quite a few Google applications. I have Talk and Gmail, but I don't have YouTube, nor, most importantly, Android Market (or "Google Play" as it's now called.) I have tried a few different versions of gapps. No dice. How can I fix this? Thanks TEOK
  9. Some people on here really are utter arseholes. The other thread about cases is getting a bit out of control. I'm new to this community, and it really isn't looking all that inviting.
  10. Hello! I'm new to this community, and no doubt I will annoy everyone by starting off asking a question, rather than contributing anything - sorry! Anyway, problem is, I tried the Asphalt 5 demo on my ZTE Blade running Cyanogenmod 7 and it worked perfectly, so I bought the game, and it also worked perfectly, until recently when it stopped working. Yup. The first few frames of the intro video play, then it stops. The sound from the video keeps going, and if I skip it, it sometimes gets into the main menu which is buggy and slow, and it always crashes when loading a race. I am sure I have not done anything to the phone since it broke, although possibly I updated Cyanogen from RC3 to RC4 - I cannot remember. I have tried deleting and re-download the cache, didn't work. I shall try re-installing RC3 at some point, but before I do, has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks Adam
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