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  1. Thanks KonstaT for yet another update :D The camera issues could be related to the new lockscreen toggles to disable camera widget. When disabling the camera widget from lockscreen settings, the camera app will actually be disabled all together. I think patches have already been merged to adress this issue.
  2. Thanks again KonstaT for a nice update! I haven't seen anyone mentioning the auto brightness settings yet. AB with custom settings working fine here with an lcd screen :) Btw, dunno whether it's a CM thing or a part of AOSP, but the new ab settings screen really fits jb well!
  3. @sam. Why don't you update to the latest cm10 build and see if your problem has been fixed?
  4. I've been testing mms and when on mobile data,the message just keeps "sending..". As soon as I switch wifi on, the message is sent. So there definitely seems to be a problem switching to the right apn when on mobile data. With wifi on, it chooses the right apn to send/receive mms. As I barely use mms, maybe someone else will continue from here. edit: just to be more precise, I turn wifi on AND connect to a network.
  5. Change authentication type to PAP in Saunalahti MMS APN. That should do it. With that change only, mms works for me. edit: sorry, it seems to be broken here also wjere as the change above used to fix it :?
  6. För some reason BT wasn't working at first,but after formatting boot and system I can connect to my nokia hf normally. Thanks a bunch! Not related to the rom, I guess, but can anyone tell me why I lost all apps from sd-ext when I formatted boot and system? All app settings are still there after reinstalling them. I'm using s2e.
  7. If you mean lockscreen widgets, look for Lockscreen Policy from play.
  8. BTW, if anyone else is as disturbed as I was by the new lockscreen widgets an cam shortcut flashing, you should take a look at Lockscreen Policy from play. It's a small app to get rid of those. I still hope there will be a way to get rid of the flashing things only as the app disables widgets for good, ie. no way to use chronus for me now :(
  9. I'm actually trying s2e for the first time now so I can't really say much, but yes, playing around with the new rom and rebooting constantly seems to be a bit out of s2e's league. It doesn't bother me that much though as I don't have anything that important going on. I actually had the opposite experience with a coldboot when I thought I'd screwed something up, everything was restored ok.After a reboot if I just give the phone enough time to settle, everything's been fine.
  10. I can confirm that color banding thing. It was present in 21/12 build but today's build is fine with a tft screen.
  11. I too had that mms problem with Finnish Saunalahti, but after changing "Authentication type" to "PAP" in my mms APN, I'm able to send mms's normally. Maybe it's worth checking whether the new mms APN settings are correct? @KonstaT: I found the working APN settings for Saunalahti from here, maybe you should edit the APN source file also or is it supposed to work out-of-the-box as it is? On another note, I'm actually really pleased with the work done with the latest android in general, work from the CM team and ofc KonstaT for providing the results to our beloved blades. For one, I'm not urged to find a pleasing theme anymore, the ui is pretty nice looking as it is. All the customization options for statusbar/notification area are awesome and the default lockscreen is simply classy. There are almost no minor annoyances like there used to be and I can honestly say this release is by far the best Android experience I've had so far! But there has to be something to whine about.. ;) Maybe it's just the screen on blade or the driver(?), but it seems like something's borked antialiasing? Normal small black text on white background is looking semi-bold and smudgy. The text is still almost as readable as it was before, but it just looks bad. The other annoyance would be the things that keep popping up from the sides of the lockscreen.. Yes, it's nice to give a hint when someone enters the lockscreen for the first time but you don't get those wierd bars popping up each time you enter your homescreen, do you? It's like having a text "Did you know you can swipe your lockscreen to add pages to it if you wish?" each and every time you just want to see what time it is.. well I do know and have known it for some time now, and NO, I don't want to add anything to it, not now, thanks, so please stop. Thanks again KonstaT!
  12. I noticed the silence too when first installed this rom, but then discovered the notification sound for each app (calendar, messaging, gmail/email..) could be set individually in their preferences. For some reason they all defaulted to "silent". Hope you'll get it sorted out!
  13. Been away for a while and I must admit I'm pretty impressed by your work Konsta, thanks!
  14. Just be sure to read the release post. If it says a full wipe is needed even when upgrading, then it's needed ofc. :)
  15. If you're upgrading from a previous version of the same rom, you should be fine wiping dalvik cache only. Otherwise a full wipe will be needed.
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