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  1. Hi fellas, since I got back my trusty old Orange San Francisco yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to do some ROM comparisons, investigating if there is such thing as a "performance build". The hardware: Gen1 TFT Blade 512MB RAM Gen1-to-Gen2 TPT v10f (180MB /system) Stock CPU clock The software: - Eco-CM9-20130723-stable-blade by jventura (http://www.modaco.com/topic/355540-23072013ics-eco-cm9-aiming-for-stability-and-battery-efficiency/) - cm-10-20140613-NIGHTLY-blade-DAEMOND by daemand/KonstaT (http://www.modaco.com/topic/360395-devrom2014-08-16-cyanogenmod-10-continuation-of-konstats-work/) - cm-10.1-20130724-KonstaKANG-blade by KonstaT (http://www.modaco.com/topic/359832-devrom247-cyanogenmod-101-android-422/) - cm-10.2-20131220-KonstaKANG-blade by KonstaT (http://www.modaco.com/topic/365330-devrom2012-cyanogenmod-102-android-431/) - cm-11-20140608-ZeeLogKANG-blade by zeelog (http://www.modaco.com/topic/368013-devrom-86-cyanogenmod-110-android-443/) Procedure every time was: Complete wipe (including /system), flash ROM, first boot, one-minute-wait, reboot and then start the benchmark. No gapps or other stuff, internet connection off (apart from some seconds to submit the quadrant score, since it won't display the values otherwise). So, without further ado, I present: STATISTICS! To visualize the results (and, to make it look a little bit more like science than nerd-spending-hours-doing-useless-nerd-stuff), I also created some charts: As you can see, the best score is achieved by the good ol' CM9 build, followed not by CM10 but (surprise!) 10.1. The more recent versions both perform worse. The detailed Quadrant scores: Processor and memory are more or less equal in the first three versions, but especially the CPU performance really degrades in Android 4.3 and 4.4. Maybe that's why KitKat feels kinda sluggish even just scolling through the menus. Interestingly, the I/O was significantly better in ICS than in the later versions. And we get to the CF-Bench Native and Java results: ICS scores first place, followed by the second JB release. Java performance is kinda bad in KK (almost half the score of CM9) Last, but not least: The graphics performace! From 4.0 to 4.2, 3D got a bit better while 2D gets just a tad less frames. Notice the huge drop at CM10.2, for both dimensional layers. KitKat performs average. So, what do we learn? CM9 is still the performance king, because of the +30% I/O throughput compared to the newer versions. Apart from that, the ROM of your choice should be KonstaT's CM10.1 build, which even offers a gain in 3D framerates (but not that big). Kitkat and the latest JellyBean should be avoided, since there is a big gap in CPU respectively memory / 3D performance. What this small excursion into the land of modern communication devices didn't cover: Stability, functionality, battery consumption, and, ironically, communication. I don't even know if the phone speaker works (it didn't in some CM10 build for my LG2x. Took me weeks to notice.) I personally will give CM10.1 a shot as my daily driver. A little bit more modern than ICS, but not much slover. Also needs only 160MB /system TPT ;) Have a nice day! Cheers, HomeEnd
  2. Hey guys, my buddy gave me his old SLCD Desire to fix. He's been using CM7 with it and some day all of a sudden, it wouldn't boot anymore (stuck at the HTC logo). If you're trying to start it with [Power] + [VolDown], it will get into the AlphaRev CM7 r2 menu (hboot? I attached a screencap) but not into recovery from there (will be back stuck at the HTC screen). What's still working is the fastboot access. I was able to find out it'a a o2 branded device (by using 'fastboot oem boot'). ADB won't recognize it, neither does Unrevoked3. I tried reinstalling the RA recovery image using ' fastboot flash recovery recovery.img ' and it seemed to work, but I am still unable to get into the recovery menu though. I also downloaded the stock o2 froyo RUU, but it wouldn't find the device in fastboot mode either. What did I forget to mention? He doesn't have a goldcard (of course :-/ ) and when you're connecting with fastboot, it vibrates randomly (I suppose around 6 times) Is there any chance the old banger will be brought back to life again? Or is it a hardware issue (since it stopped from itself, not because of a bad rom flash) and it's scrap? Greetings. HE
  3. All righty, so, I'm gonna purchase the main frame (or "internal back piece", however that thing's called) too since it's only like 2 bucks and my phone will be flawless again after the repair :D Exept for the battery cover being colored different... but that isn't going to look that bad, I hope. Oh well, including shipping to Germany, the whole procedure is gonna cost me about 35 euros... not bad for like 10 miliseconds of inattention :D Greets Sent from my San Francisco using the cracked (but amazingly still full-functional) touchscreen :(
  4. Okay, thank you. This is the same item I found, but I was kinda confused about the condition "used". I don't believe he took 50+ phones apart to sell the digitizers on Ebay :D Another thing, since this seems to be the non-glossy grey/black version and I'm in posession of the shiny flat black layout, are the grey battery doors anywhere on sale? It would look awful otherwise with a grey front and black glossy back. Greets
  5. Hey guys, after my San Francisco fell out of my pocket yesterday while riding my bike really fast (at least 25mph, actually, it's quiet possible that I drove over it O.o), this is what it looks like afterwards: Honestly, i'm impressed that the high-glossy battery door I was always worried about for scratches doesn't have a single mark on it. So, if I'm able to change the front glass and cover, I'll be good again :D Goots, could you send me the link where exactly you purchased the repalcement part? Only thing I could find on Ebay was a used one for £23,99+shipping. Oh, and one more thing, are the those wannabe-chromium-stripes part of the front cover? Or of the "middle-frame"? I can't really see it on the pictures. Unfortunately, mines got a dint in it since the drop: But, of course, this isn't as bad as the cracked glass. Greets, HomeEnd
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