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  1. Hi Paul, I had one HTC device in the past, a HTC Desire, which had heat issues, like when i play games or use it for long enough, it used to get heated and in the end was declared dead one fine day! Anything similar with this, thing is am into market for 'One' mobile that i am gonna use for couple of years to come! I dont want to have similar experience as i had with Desire.
  2. The all aluminum body is "supposed" to cause network reception issues, have you experienced anything like that? What is the total available memory to the user? thing to consider as there is no way we can expand the memory. USB OTG?
  3. My questions: 1. How does the Oppo fare against its mainstream rivals? 2. Is the Xperia Z display as bad as the reports say, i mean in a comparative way to the other 1080p screens? 3. Any idea on the global availability of the Oppo :)
  4. I have a shellster for my Atrix 2 and love it.
  5. Optica zoom will spoil the slimness.. I stil have the samsung G810 and it's loo bulky to carry in pockets.. as far as the other specs are concerned, If Tizen was on board they would have named differently like "Bada with T" :) I think Paul's gonna win this guess game..
  6. on mind..? Xperia Ray :p

  7. Hello everyone, i am struck with htc desire and it would be great if anyone can help me, i am a bit new to the world of androids so pls bare with me. Here's what the exact problem is: the problem started soon after i upgraded it to the last firmware that htc provided, device started to behave differently and used to restart frequently specially when i connect to the internet and suddenly one day when i was charging it, it died on me. when i restarted it all i got was the htc logo on white screen ever since then i am struck with that problem till date. and this is what i have done until now. i created two goldcards using 1gb and 8gb memory cards to create gold card this is what i've done.. first of all i got the reverse cid using dell streak with the app gold card helper, then i entered that code i this website http://psas.revskills.de/?q=goldcard to get the gold card, then i used HexEditor(HxD) to create the copy the image to the memory card. I downloaded official RUU(WWE) from this website http://ship.ibeta.org/shipped/Bravo/ my idea was to flash this onto my mobile. but when i enter into my desire's boot screen this is what i get on the first screen BRAVO PVT1 SHIP S-ON HBOOT-0.93.0001 MICROP-031d TOUCH PANEL-SYNT0101 RADIO- Aug 10 2010,17:52:10 and then when i enter into recovery mode a message flashes i can't read everything on that one but all that i can make of it is "No Image is found or Wrong Image" and then the dreaded HTC logo appears again and stays there forever. Guys pls help me to get back the best device i have ever had, i can't afford another one at this point, if i could i should have rushed to the nearest store and bought an android device asap
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