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  1. I would rather steer clean of MKV containers, it's a nice format, I want to encode my stuff for maximum compatibility, and MKV offers very little benefits, and a HUGE downside. Will just stick to a bog standard MP4 container. I have been playing with these Handbrake profiles that have recently been updated to support Honeycomb 3.1. I havn't yet had a chance to try them on my PS3. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...amp;postcount=1 However, I really don't like Handbrake as a tool, as with every release, it's becoming more and more Apple-centric.
  2. Well, the Transformer easilly replaces my netbook too, so it's dual purpose and the £199 I didn't spend on the Vega means it did really only cost me £50ish on top of what I would have spent. (I wouldn't have been able to sell the netbook if I had the Vega)
  3. I have lots of video and stuff, all in different formats, all in different bitrates. I would like to re-encode them all into 1 format that the Transformer and the Sony PS3 both support. I want the highest quality achievable from the original source, however I don't want low-bitrate stuff encoded in 720p wasting space, so I want a "no loss" re-encode, to a format that is supported on both. I was going to leave my PC on for a few days an let it eat it way through a massibe re-encode task! Is this possible? I'm hoping I am not asking for the Holy Grail or video encoding tasks! :D
  4. Wasn't actually 8 months. I'm now sporting a Asus Transformer Honeycomb 3.1, and it's fantastic, as either a tablet or a netbook configuration. Thanks to Dixon's utter incompetence, I saved £199 on the Vega, so I sold my existing netbook and bought the transformer, actual cost to me: £50. Thank you Dixons, A lucky escape, as without your utter incompetence, I would have been stuck with a Vega, which whilst being a bargain at £199 is really a legacy Android tablet. Needless to say, I didn't buy the Asus Transformer from Dixons...
  5. Does this method still work after 3.1? All I want is Root access, I don't need (or want) clockwork mod or modified recovery partitions or custom roms, I want to run the stock Honeycomb OS but with root access. so this does seem ideal.
  6. Well no, Dixons should have known that DHL throw weekend emails in the bin on Monday morning, after it all going wrong the first time, they should have done something different to ensure it worked correctly the 2nd and 3rd times, rather than just repeating and hoping for the best. It's about owning the problem, and at no point did Dixons actually OWN the problem...
  7. I'm now pretty convinced the fault lies almost totally with my "local" (60mile away) DHL branch - Yeovil - Somerset. Every time they were involved, it went wrong. Contacted DHL to return the parcel to sender, and the DHL automated system directed me to a phone that just sat their rining for 10 minutes before someone picked it up and then put it straight back down again. Repeated the automated DHL thing again and got through to (persumably) the same number, rang for a couple of minutes and then answered by someone clearly fromt he Yeovil branch of DHL, I requested the parcel be sent back to sender and he asked for the tracking number. Parcel tracking was still showing awaiting my instruction this morning, so i'm guessing actually doing something about it was not his job..... Contacted DHL again today via a different number and repeated the procedure, lets see what happens tommorrow, i'm guessing the returning of the Vega I will be dealing with a similar level of gross incompetence that the outward journey encountered... I would like to get a full refund before my creditcard statement comes out.... Strangely, I got the best response all week from DSG today, now it's far too late..... They actually SEEMED to care that between them and DHL they have right royally screwed things up, and were genuinely concerned that DHL emails on weekends were falling into a bottomless never answered hole.... If it means they sort these problems out in future, it may mean someone else gets to benefit, but as mentioned, it's way too much grief for me to ever consider shopping with DSG online again.
  8. Thankfully, I know where I WON'T be ordering one from. DSG can go take a hike. I don't care if it's DHL's fault, Dixons should have taken responsibility to sort it out. I'll shop online with more reputable sites like Amazon in future..
  9. I'm guessing there will be budget 10.1 Honeycomb Tegra2 tablets, with proper market, a decent display wifi-only for £299 by then end of the year.
  10. They do a 10.1 as well, but it's obviously more expensive. However it was more apoint as to how the prices of Android tablets will plummet with every man and his dog making them. The Vega needed to be £199 six months ago.
  11. You would have hoped. But DHL refused to change the address. Dixons marked it as non-changable due it being a high-value item. I'm not an idiot, phoning DHL (both the central number and the "local" 60 mile away depot) was my very first thing I tried.... Either way, with Honeycomb tablets now coming at at £100 more, and likely a better display, I think I made the correct decision. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Acer-Bluetooth-Wir...6634&sr=8-1 Worth mentioning, I confirmed with Dixons, if I contact DHL and return to sender, I would get the full £199 refund, so nothing lost but my time....
  12. As sure as night follows day, they have screwed things up for the 3rd day in a row. Despite promising (again) to contact DHL and change my delivery address, item was still attempted to be delivered to my home. Phoning them up and rejecting the goods under DSR. Will wait for a budget capacitive honeycomb tablet. It clearly wasn't to be....
  13. I would too, but it's a 60mile round trip to my "local" DHL depot..... I would take a day off work to sign for it, but I can sell a day back to the company for more than the tablet is worth!
  14. STILL waiting for mt Advent Vega, ordered last Tuesday. Because Dixons decided to sit on it for 2 days after telling me it was packed and ready to go (I assume because I didn't pay their extra for postage and opted for the 5 day option), I needed to change my delivery address. Simple you would think.... But not. Phones DHL on Saturday once it dawned on me that Dixons had purposely stalled, and that there was now going to be nobody in to sign. DHL said because it was a high value item, I had to contact Dixons. Fair enough.... Phones Dixons, spoke to a bloke called Ian, who confirmed that there was plenty of time to change the address to my work address, and it would be delivered to my work on Monday, he said he would email DHL the new address... Job done..... Monday comes and goes, card through the door when i get home.. Phones DHL, according to them, there is nobody in at the weekend, and emailing them is pointless, all emails are deleted on Monday morning when they come into work (!!!!!!). Need to phone Dixons and get them to resend, but they couldn't actually tell me what safeguards were inplace to stop the same thing happening again... Phones Dixons, explains the situation, they send another email.... Tuesday comes and goes, card through the door when i get home.. Phones Dixons again, lady confirms they have record of my previous two calls, and the fact people there have emailed DHL. Puts me on hold and speaks to DHL, DHL say they have no record of any previous emails (who is lying????) and can't do anything over the phone, and that she needs to email them the new address....... (like that has helped so far!!!) Lets see what happens tomorrow, I pretty much resigned myself to it not turning up at work, and having the final card through the door, and which point, they can stuff it, i'll get a full refund under distance selling regs and hang out for a budget Honeycomb tablet. EDIT: As predicted, they failed to sort this out for a 3rd time, it got sent to the wrong address for the 3rd time, and I have now instructed DHL to return to DSG and I'll get a full refund under distance selling regs (Dixons confirmed this). I don't think I haver ever encountered such incompetence, and I certainly won't be wasting my time with Dixons in the future. How difficult can it be? Answer: If the usless twats at DSG/DHL are involved, VERY.....
  15. Opera Mobile 11 is the full Opera experience (Dolphin is just a skin for the built in browser). Opera Mobile 11 uses the same core as their excellent desktop browser, and the same high level of standards compliance. There is a setting in there to report itself as a mobile or a desktop browser.... It works REALLY well (and is designed for) tablets, and does flash. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.opera.browser
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