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  1. Hi, thanks Dazz, any idea when could the update show up in our phones? No OTA update detected so far... Cheers
  2. Hey, thanks. Still could not get it installed. Ends up with "Error creating symlinks" or something. Any idea how big the system patition has to be? Mine is 160 MB and CM9 installed just fine but this PAC just does not.
  3. Hi, could you upload the trimmed TMV ROM somewhere else, please? The Mediafire antipirate crap won't let me download it. Thanks
  4. As for the notification sounds - I had to disable the touch sound to be able to hear it. Probably a bug - never had such problem on other ROMs.
  5. Hi C3C0, thanks for this excellent MokeeOS port, Just a quick question: does anyone here know how to disable the instant caller block when holding the End Call button? I know it asks if the caller should be added to the block list but I would still prefer if this function could be disabled.
  6. I've been runnig this ROM for the last two weeks and it is AFAIK the best GingerBread ROM for the Vivacity. Thanks iharrybao! Only two things I had to fix: had to add the SIM toolkit (thanks Raverrrr!) and change the keyboard app (no biggie, just sayin'). Great work!
  7. Might be. But it also means that it is perfectly legal in many other countries :-) Haven't seen this ROM yet, but if the shutter sound could be enabled/disabled through a checkbox somewhere....
  8. Hmm... that probably did the trick. Works now. Thanks.
  9. Hi Konsta! This ROM looks fantastic! Just one problem, though.When I install S2E and mount SD-EXT as EXT4, the phone won't boot again - it gets stuck on the CM9 splash. Once I do a full wipe it boots again. Any idea what is the problem here? (I have got two Blades and both behave the same).
  10. Second that. Anybody any idea how to make the Voice Search (and the voice input) work? Vivacity here, too. Thanks
  11. What other ROMs do you mean? We've got Fish'n'Chips, KickAss and a bunch of Dazz-made CM7/CM9/ICS ROMs. That's lot less than for the original Blade. One more does not hurt anyone, does it?
  12. Very nice, thanks Dazz. I had to go back to CM9, though, as the camera would not connect.... EDIT: I am on a Vivacity BTW.
  13. Hello everyone, has anyone managed to get the voice input working? The ICS stock one just disappears, the SmartKeyboard Pro displays a disabled microphone. Might be that I am using the phone in Czech, but the rest of the OS works quite OK.
  14. Thanks, will try that as soon as I get annoyed with the ICS. Not that likely, though, since it works reasonably well (considering all circumstances).
  15. Hi Dazz, tried yesterday on my Vivacity but the phone kept rebooting. It got up to the PIN and after entering the PIN (several times even earlier) it rebooted. And before you even ask - I did the standard wipe & format procedure before flashing. Not a big problem, though, since your CM9 works reasonably well. Thanks for your work Josef

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