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  1. Rooting is actually really easy. There's a decent topic over on XDA about it. It's as simple as installing a program in Windows, then rooting it. I think the program is Super One Click Root. Once you've rooted it you'll be able to get rid of all the crap SE pre- installed.
  2. Actually looks like a nice update, although it is incredibly late.
  3. Go SMS Pro comes with an option to disable the stock SMS. Maybe you should give that a try?
  4. Look on Merimobiles. I got a tablet with 7" 800x600 capacitive screen, 1ghz Cortex A8 processor, 512mb RAM, front facing camera, USB host for keyboard and mouse usage, mini-HDMI port, sd card slot. £125 with 5-6 day shipping time, but the shipping cost was covered by the 10% first purchase discount I received. The tablet is called Herotab C8.
  5. I presume ICS will improve performance, otherwise there wouldn't be much of a point. I can only speak from a few days experience, but it does seem like a brilliant phone. If you still want to keep up with modding, rooting and what not, theres plenty of stuff on XDA.
  6. A few other things. The Xperia Play will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, as it was in Sony's 2011 line up. Furthermore it is dirt cheap. I got this offer: http://www.buymobilephones.net/mobile-phones/Sony-Ericsson/Sony-Ericsson-XPERIA-Play-8GB-Black/3/18-Text-300-All-you-can-eat-Data-(24mths)/11540520 which also came with an official Sony Xperia Play dock, which comes with 3 free gameloft games (it's £30 on the Sony website) and a free case for the Xperia Play. If you wanted to have that much credit on PAYG you'd have to pay £15, so for an extra £3 a month you get an epic phone, a dock, a case and £30 cashback. I'd definitely advise you to get it. I got that contract expecting to sell the phone cause I already have a Huawei Ideos X5 and a ZTE Blade, but I ended up keeping it and giving my Blade to my girlfriend.
  7. Yes it is. Merimobiles are a really good site. Free shipping on all items, but you get 5% off your first shipping, so you can pick a paid for postage and the discount will cover the shipping. I did this with the tablet I ordered from then, and it came with 5 working days.
  8. How do we update? I'm currently on 2.3.3, but when I try update via Settings>About Phone>Software update, it says it already up to date.
  9. For those who would rather have a contract, just thought I'd share this with you. I just got it myself. Sony Xperia Play 8GB - All You Can Eat Data, £18 on Three I think it's an absolute bargain. It also comes with £30 automatic cashback, and to my surprise, although it doesn't say it on the offer, it came with an official Xperia Play dock (which also includes 3 free Gameloft games) and a free case.
  10. That's what I thought, and I intended on selling it straight away, cause I have a ZTE Blade and a Huawei U8800, but it turns out that it's really ridiculously good. Plus, it's going to be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, so at £18 a month for AYCE, £30 cashback, free dock, 10 games, and a free case, it was an absolute steal.
  11. Nah, the Vision is a 3.7" phone, but it's pointless as far as I'm concerned, seeing as we have the Huawei U8800. Anyway, I bought this. http://www.buymobilephones.net/mobile-phones/Sony-Ericsson/Sony-Ericsson-XPERIA-Play-8GB-Black/3/18-Text-300-All-you-can-eat-Data-(24mths)/11540520 And it came with an official Xperia Play dock (with 3 free Gameloft games) and a case for the case. Absolute bargain.
  12. Well, the thing is, even though they say it's unlimited internet, it's not really. They don't like customers going beyond 20GB of usage every month, which is a problem for me, cause I stream a lot and use Google Music every day. They didn't even give me any warning about cutting me off. Instead, they said they're blocking my use of their MMS and GPRS services, only for me to find the next day that my data was blocked, and I only just topped up on the 4th November. On a lighter note, I got a contract with Three today. £18 a month 24 month contract, for 300 minutes, 5000 texts and AYCE data, and £30 automatic cashback. I got an 8GB Sony Xperia Play with the official Xperia Play dock, which comes with 3 free Gameloft games, and case for the Xperia Play.
  13. I've just gone back to Three because GiffGaff's unlimited data isn't really unlimited. Plus, they don't like you tethering with data that you have paid for. Three might be a bit more expensive, but the unlimited data truly is unlimited, and you can tether as much as you want. Three have basically done away with their fair usage policy when it comes to data.
  14. When you say you searched Google and found a copy of it, you mean I recommended it to you in one of your threads. Just saying.
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