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  1. Hye guys, Is there an android honeycomb live cd image available yet. I have checked x86 live cd project but no signs of one. Have any of you guys got an idea or ha someone compiled an image that will work in virtual box???
  2. You can download kernal manager and flash the kernal but only at your own risk You can get kernals for the desire z of up to 1.9ghz. But they can be very unstable. So be sure you know what your doing as i can result in you bricking your phone
  3. hi, I have a htc desire z. I had my device rooted using the visionary method. But after i had my device rooted i accidentily went in to recovery. Now my device will not let me root it. I have again tryed the visionary method along with the rage and x4root. But none of these methods work anymore. I really need to get my device rooted or flashed back to a stock rom so i can root my device again. is there anyway( i really am willing to try anything) to get this done. thanks in advance Darks1der
  4. Hi, I have had some issues with my desire z. My device was rooted. but it went into recovery. Now i cannot root my device by using the rage, visionary(+) or the x4root method. Is there another way to root the device. Or is there a way to flash the device back to a stock rom so i can root it again. I am willing to try any method that is out there. As i need my device to be rooted. Thanks in advance, Darks1der.......
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