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  1. Pondlife

    Huawei Vision now on £49.95 PAYG

    Y300 is looking tastier option
  2. Fortunately not or I'd need to be paying $5/m.
  3. Pondlife

    Anyone thinking of jumping ship?

    Well pick a random phone at less than £100 and enjoy it then.
  4. Making the mod system more modular, sounds interesting.
  5. Pondlife

    Suddenly bad battery

    Think I've got the gpu mod, only thing I'm finding with media in the name in battery stats is com.intel.android.gallery.media but I know that's connected with Google Music cloud playback. Do seem to be finding worse battery life, but not as dramatically as that, and not really losing much on standby.
  6. Pondlife

    Anyone thinking of jumping ship?

    Because I was getting a screen on time of less than 3 hours on the n4 and up to double that on osd. Maybe if you seldom have the screen on it might be better.
  7. Pondlife

    Anyone thinking of jumping ship?

    But if you think battery life is bad on this don't get an n4
  8. Given that carphone warehouse leave their demo phones plugged in constantly and I've yet to hear of one burning down, I think you should be ok
  9. Pondlife

    Play Store - Happy First Birthday offers

    Could be, add in the google play cards now being available too I guess.
  10. Pondlife

    Play Store - Happy First Birthday offers

    Loads of crap deals yeah. Plants v Zombies must be cheaper than that about 5 times a year... Need for speed and dead space both been rather lower. A selection of best of albums, many of which wouldn't be out of place at poundland meh. Nothing like the 20p sale they've had before or even the 60p ish deals over christmas.
  11. Pondlife

    Reclaim your credit

    Sounds like it should be suitable reason to get phone unlocked too.
  12. Pondlife

    Play Store - Happy First Birthday offers

    Certainly not as impressive as previous offers.
  13. Pondlife

    SIM lock status

    Precious little success once you got through to them though
  14. You'd think they would know their own phone wasn't an iphone wouldn't you...

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