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  1. danb79

    vega with smart tv?

    i doubt it mainly because of the poor Bluetooth in the vega. does your tv have usb ports? you could try something like this.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-4G-Wireless-Mini-Keyboard-Mouse-Combo-For-Laptop-Xbox-360-PC-PS3-Touchpad-UK-/140992810081?pt=UK_Computing_ComputerComponents_KeyboardsMice&hash=item20d3d38c61 Bluetooth are also available but more ££
  2. danb79

    honeyice flashed onto my advent vega

    try re flashing the rom , if flashing with cwm make shure you wipe everything in recovery before flashing. also have you been to tabletroms.com as id reccomend trying the jellybean rom or the vegacream one http://www.tabletroms.com/forums/vega/
  3. danb79

    Vega won't boot up, only red LED turns on

    sounds like a dead charger! they are on ebay for £10 or less
  4. danb79

    Vega won't boot up, only red LED turns on

    That light is to say the battery is to flat to boot, this is what mine does! have you checked that it is charging? the light should flash a purplish color when charging then go solid blue when fully charged?
  5. danb79

    best replacement for a Vega? 9" screen or bigger

    Just to let you know a new digitizer is around $50 i had to replace mine :-) if you do decide this route talk to http://www.modaco.co...99-richardmlea/ im realy interested in the google nexus 7 it is smaller but is a realy good bit of kit for the price
  6. danb79

    Vega as SmartTV extension

    this unit comes with its own dongle so the vega should just see it as a usb kb\mouse this is what happens when i plug in my cheep lidl kb\mouse!
  7. danb79

    Vega as SmartTV extension

    have you seen these? might help http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Bluetooth-Mini-Rii-Wireless-Keyboard-with-Touchpad-V2-0-For-Laptop-PC-UK-/261054916032?pt=UK_Computing_ComputerComponents_KeyboardsMice&hash=item3cc815e5c0#ht_852wt_1396
  8. danb79

    Xbox Controller on Honeycomb 3.2?

    probly a silly question but have you gone into settings language and input and checked to see if it needs a tick in the box ? as i have to with my sixaxis?
  9. danb79

    Do any of the roms allow Flash to run reliably?

    Im using vegacream beta2 test3 and youtube, bbc iplayer, and vimeo all work perfectly using latest flash 11 on stock browser!
  10. danb79

    Is ebay the only place to get a Vega now?

    i just found this new viewpad 10s (advent vega) £197.99!! http://www.aria.co.u...source=googleps
  11. For those of us that have smashed our glass we finaly have replacement!! http://www.mviewsonic-viewpad-10s-touch-screen-digitizer-glass-replacement also on ebay Ebay Viewsonic-Viewpad-10s-touch-Screen-Digitizer-glass-lens will be ordering one soon will post results when fitted!!
  12. danb79

    [GUIDE] Wireless pc to vega file transfer

    thanks those are some good options. but file expert does most of those and more in one package :)
  13. This is how i swap files pc to vega 1. Install File expert from the market on your vega 2. Download install filezilla client on your pc 3.Load file expert on your vega and select "Share My Contents" then "Start Share Via FTP" a box will appear with information 4.Load Filezilla on your pc and enter the information from your vega into the bar at the top, once connected your SD card contents will appear in the right side of filezilla and you can drag and drop files!! File expert is a great app it also has the capability to share via http and it can access windows shared folders,ftp and bluetooth etc it can also be used to install and uninstall apps and much more I hope this helps , any questions please ask
  14. danb79


    ive just tried it and the kernel gets to "os will cold boot in 10s if no input detected" then it hangs/crashes any ideas?

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