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  1. comicbookguy

    Nexus 6, 9 and Player all released, just! Lollipop too!

    So what do we think of the UK prices?
  2. comicbookguy

    Hudl2 video playing

  3. comicbookguy

    Hudl2 video playing

    really i think the Inlaws will really only use it for internet, email, a couple of small games and media. It's not really going to be used for a massive library (just the contents of the SD card or maybe USBOTG if it's supported), but the front end is easy to for them to navigate, Yatse works well as a remote and i know the whole setup inside out for tech support over the phone ;)
  4. comicbookguy

    Hudl2 video playing

    just ordered one for the inlaws for xmas...anybody tried to run XBMC/Kodi player on it?
  5. comicbookguy

    hudl2 Covers

    for anyone who hasn't taken the plunge yet, there's a 1/3-off offer on all branded accessories when you buy a Hudl2.... eCoupon TD-HFTP
  6. comicbookguy

    Nexus 6, 9 and Player all released, just! Lollipop too!

    was looking at a note 4 as an upgrade from my N5 and waiting for the N6 launch, but i think both are going to be just too expensive. if the N6 32GB breaks the £500 barrier i'll be really reluctant.. might even go Z3 Compact and get a new tablet.... update 21st October: loaded up the latest Lollipop preview yesterday... wow.
  7. comicbookguy

    Tesco announces the hudl2

    wonder what the chance of seeing Android L on it is, either officially or unofficially
  8. comicbookguy

    hudl v2 - 3rd October launch!

    shame some of the accessories are much more expensive than last time, and no sign of the keyboard case....
  9. comicbookguy

    hudl v2 - 3rd October launch!

    looks like a significant upgrade from my 2012 Nexus7. Will be my first non-Nexus device since my HTC Desire tho.....
  10. comicbookguy

    Tesco announces the hudl2

    you can try first then... ;)
  11. comicbookguy

    Sony MHL to HDMI Adapter?

    had one of these working nicely with the wife's z1 Compact until we upgraded to a chromecast. still use the adapter for travelling sometimes too Worth noting it's a bit picky about using a good quality HDMI cable tho (i take my OEM Xbox360 cable with me) ;) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171308010294?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  12. comicbookguy

    EXCLUSIVE: LG G-Watch availability date and pricing information

    @soup thief: "at some level" would mean me buying a more expensive watch hobbled with less features, as a "gateway drug" to the apple ecosystem.. erm no. ;) @glossywhite: roughly double what i perceive it's worth to be - par for the apple course. a few years ago having the entire internet in your pocket wasn't a "necessity", but could you live without it now? ;) if a smartwatch comes in at £150-200, its not massively above the ballpark of what i would pay for a dumb watch, so the "smart" features are fairly cheap, and while i can still buy Nexus phones, i'm saving roughly that much on the cost of my phone compared to an S5, M8 or 5S anyway. personally IF i get one, it may change my current strategy of buying a phone every year and a tablet every 2-3 years - it probably wont increase my overall spend on that sort of tech
  13. comicbookguy

    EXCLUSIVE: LG G-Watch availability date and pricing information

    and apple's version will be at least £350...
  14. comicbookguy

    Pebble announce the Steel


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