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  1. How does the Virgin Big Data and Texts work in practice? The Virgin site is sparse on info, though I have read somewhere that when you top up your £10, you have to wait till the next month to get your data allowance. This would mean that if you missed topping up by the end of the month, you'd be waiting a while, and forced to use your £10 credit to get the £5 data add on???! Edit: silly me, seems its all in the FAQ http://store.virginmedia.com/virgin-media-mobile/pay-as-you-go/big-FAQs.html Funny how I've learned to ignore FAQs on the internet because the questions and answers are never usually anywhere near relevant to what you want to know.
  2. Currently using Konstakang build date 27/8 and it's great. Have decided I need the FM radio though. Struggling through the hundreds of roms to figure out which has working FM radio. I'm thinking the latest standard CM7 might be the best option. Thanks in advance.
  3. I just went to CM7 after using GSF earlier version, probably 16 or something. CM7 has definitely improved since the early days, but the number of FC's and times I've had to pull the battery since installing CM7 is more than the zero over the few months I was using GSF. Plus CM7 is noticeably slower. I am guessing WBAW is reacting to negative comments placed on the forums. All I have to say is you always get people giving such comments on the internet, even if what you do is superb. Just have to ignore the loons.
  4. Just found this post after buying some expensive iphone headphones, oops, lol. Thanks for this info, currently £2.45 new on ebay.
  5. Nandroid backup using backup option in Clockwork Mod before applying the fix, then restore the backup. Or just apply the nightly 88 update again.
  6. This update kills wifi entirely on CM7 nightly 88. If it is simply added without other changes I suspect there will be a lot of disappointed people.
  7. I'm getting over 50% of battery use by Wifi and I feel the battery is draining faster than it should. Is this normal?! Superficially the wifi appears to turn off, even the icon goes away and sometimes the blade wifi fix notifications come up. Although under battery status it says Wifi has been on nearly as long as the phone has. I'm thinking of doing a wipe again and typing in the wifi security code manually as I restored that from Titanium Backup (CM 7.0.3).
  8. Thanks Psyloid, you're a legend! About to install this on top of CM 7.0.3 installed via TPT method with upgrade to Gen2, wonder if I will need to wipe?
  9. Like this one better than standard, CM 7.0.3. Consistent reconnecting when waking. Most recentt CM7's including 7.0.3 seem to kill my battery faster though.
  10. Just to chime in that I used this method and it worked extremely well. Thanks very much curl66!
  11. 1. Settings -> wireless & networks -> mobile networks (at bottom) -> untick "data enabled" 2. Settings -> accounts and sync -> untick appropriate settings. (these steps can be bypassed using one of the power management widgets).
  12. Having issues with Youtube from Gapps. Displays as 500kb in app manager, no options work, and icon not displayed in drawer.
  13. One of the better april fools jokes, releasing an April fools ROM :D
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