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  1. billyboy2468

    Whatsapp Group

    good to have you back kyan
  2. billyboy2468

    black screen when calling

    waqas someone posted a while back that if you take battery sim card mmc card out and hoover into all the parts where dust can get in,it will clear it,has worked for me before
  3. billyboy2468

    [ GB ] B895-slim-v7 Multibaseband

    good rom,just had a random reboot,i had went back to gb,rooted and unlocked bootloader,pity!
  4. billyboy2468

    storage problem

    cheers for that guys
  5. hi guys looking for a little help,problem with storage changing from sd card to internal after i put charger on the phone or i reboot it,also shortcuts dissapear,im on stock + b952 version so i can lock the bootloader again ,thanks for any help as i like this rom and would like to stay on it
  6. tried this as a last resort as i got fed up with constant reboots,but is actually worse now,6 reboots in a hour,ive since went back to gb till hopefully a fix comes along for it as it is most annoying
  7. cant find internet shortcut on this seems to be missing
  8. can anyone tell me exactly how to run this,is it unzip to desk top then run bootloader bat file
  9. i agree apacer,tried them all and this is by far the best,battery life superbt.the odd restart but that happens with all the roms ive tried,well done that man
  10. billyboy2468

    proximity sensor issue

    all sorted,only away for a few days too,well done vodafone
  11. billyboy2468

    proximity sensor issue

    mines going back to shop today
  12. billyboy2468

    proximity sensor issue

    what rom were you on before that nsmacd1 ,i tried it after official b952 rom and its still the same
  13. took it into vodafone shop and there was no way to check proximity sensor,staff couldnt fathom it out smiff2,they contacted their tech team and said they would be in touch,that was 3 weeks ago
  14. tillaz thats what i was hoping for,when phoning someone the screen goes blank on ics,went back to gb and presto its fine again,do you think it could be fixed in this update,thanks
  15. cheers dave ,dont like ics but,get black screen on it,but its ok in gb

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