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  1. I love this ROM! I ran Pauls rom for the 1st few weeks, which was an enormous improvent on stock, the corvus rom improved on this still. I am however having a problem that others have highlighted: mouse locked in potlrtrait mode. I have spent days trying to sort it out. I am not familiar with scripting or executing command line instructions. However I have perservered, because I kept reading that the solutions were in the forum. Not wanting to waste anyones time (and look srupid) I withheld asking for help until now. I have managed to work out why the mouse mode checker command that corvus mentioned didn't work. This is due to a typo in the original post. In connectbot the 1st command tries to execute a file called MouseModeChecker.sh but I when I checked the directory that the command points to, I found that the actual command is MouseModeCheck.sh (no er on the end of check). It confirmed that I had sucessfully executed the 2nd command and that the vega was in mouse mode. However the problem remains. Any ideas what else I could be doing wrong?
  2. This happened to me today too. Rebooted to Slave mode & my beloved vega said "no" well it actually said "Starting Fastboot USB download protocol" but it didn't, it just sat there in a sulk. I got scared, but remember all the stuff about the unbrickablity of the vega, googled the message, no1 result was this thread, followed instructions & reflashed. I'm now about to put Corvus v5 ROM on it to see how that flies. Thanks you so much for imparting useful information like this. I'm a happy bunny again.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I think the USBdeview prog sounds like a winner. In the end I installed via my wifes PC which has never had any android devices installed, it took some brute force and ignorance but it evetually worked. So I now have a shiny mcr r8 vega, now setting about pipmping it out further. :D
  4. Hi how did you get on with this problem? I have the same problem, followed all instructions as per the "How to Install USB Drivers for the Advent Vega on Windows Vista/7 (32 bit)" http://android.modaco.com/index.php?act=at...st&id=70877 but when I get to installing the ADB drivers, I get the same error message. When execute the bat file, it says "Waiting for device... ensure 'USB Debugging' is enabled in settings-Applications-Development and connect to PC... *daemon not running. Starting it now on port 5037* *daemon started succesfully* Then it just "haqngs" for want of a better expresion, its just been sitting there for several minutes. I did notice that you have your devices listed as Vega & Desire, which by coincidence is the same devices I have, could it be the HTC stuff that got included when I installed HTC sync for my Desire thats complicationg matters re the device drivers?
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