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  1. somewhatdog

    [Guide] de-bricking a ZTE Blade

    Best guess - your screen is knackered... Power-it-on and wait for 5 mins and then try to use it - e.g. unlock it and see if it pulses/reacts/makes any sounds...
  2. somewhatdog

    [Guide] de-bricking a ZTE Blade

    Hi - looking for some tips on what I think may be a broken ZTE Blade (originally a UK Orange San Francisco Gen1) It came to me with CWM/Swedish Snow installed - earlier this year I used the Gen1-to-Gen2-Total Transfer TPT and installed Cyanogen 7.2 and it was OK for a few months. It then decided to freeze on the 'big green Android' on startup - so I booted it into CWM and installed Swedish Snow again - and everything was OK for a few months. Last week it reset itself randomly and would only startup to either a - freezing on the 'big Green Android' b - refusing to power-up at all sometimes (not even a red light on the back button) I managed to get it into CWM and I've tried wiping cache/data and installing both Swedish Snow and Cyanogen 7.2 but they'll generally boot and then crash not long after (back to the 'big Green Android' or even refusing to boot at all - as above) I'm assuming the phone is knackered - possibly a power issue (I have 3 batteries and have tried them all -but it will crash even when connected to the charged) - anything else worth trying before I bin it? Would the Gen1-Gen2 thing be a problem - is it revertable?
  3. I love that postcount==whether you're right - just keep posting and you'll never be wrong eh? ;) To make it CRYSTAL clear - I'm not "slating" anyone but AdBlocking games/apps/websites which are funded by Ads is no different from acquiring games/apps/books/ which have a cost (whether money, ads or anything else) without incurring that cost. Supplying a ROM with adblocking enabled = supplying a ROM with 'paid' software included for free - no difference at all. That's 'piracy' - whether it's illegal depends what you're doing or where you live, of course - again you're in a "black and white" world tho, everything is 'right or wrong' or 'legal or illegal'... I actually don't care about the legality - I care that someone's chosen to include adblocking in a way that's neither obvious to the enduser or easily removed. That, to me, suggests someone likes to foist their 'morality' on others which isn't great tbh
  4. It's obvious BladeBuddy never created anything - because when you create stuff you generally like to know what people like/don't like - what they want in future roms and what they don't. That's part of the whole development process - understanding people's needs. I'm not arrogant enough to think I get everything right and that if people don't agree they should "use something else". We're coders, not a pretentious artists, it's the process of understanding users likes and dislikes which makes things better - not telling them what they want (that's for musicians and painters and other 'crafts' :) ) If the compiler of the ROM doesn't like my suggestion, that's fine, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't give constructive (and I was constructive as I suggested better ways around the issue) comments anyway... Also, I suspect he doesn't want or need defending against such comments - I've no idea why BladeBuddy feels the need to tell me "if I don't like it - don't use it" - I've no idea what he thinks he'll get from that (other than a rise out of me perhaps). I don't get the hostility at all... Anyway - I've said my bit. Lovely ROM, works really well on the hardware but beware the ad blocking thing. Best bet, imo, delete all but the core entries at the top of the HOSTS file and then get a proper AdBlocking app - or even better, support developers and encourage them by not blocking their ads eh? Instructions for removing/updating/replacing HOSTS here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7794659/how-to-change-the-hosts-file-on-android Don't bother with the HOSTS Editor App - it explodes on files this big :)
  5. Deleted my original reply because I'm not engaging with that sort of stupidity - "if you don't like it, don't use it" is a moronic reply. I didn't "slate" anyone - I just suggested there were better ways of offering adblocking (an app which is updatable or removeable is better in every possible way) - if people want it, great - if not it's easily removed. There's always a MR ANGRY tho isn't there - everything is black and white, right or wrong, plaudits or slatings I can't be badword bothered with it anymore tbh
  6. The Amazon AppStore actually wouldn't work with the ad HOSTS file enabled - searches simply never returned any values. Play Store was also painfully slow and refused to show some screenshots/play some videos... The HOSTS file is also a dogs breakfast of duplicated entries, entries which could be wildcarded and other junk. It has 31,000 entries in total - you cannot say that doesn't have an impact on performance because there's a LOT of stuff to check against there. Even if it doesn't affect performance in every case tho, pre-installing an AdBlocker could easily be 'switched off' wheras switching-off the HOSTS file is a faffy thing to do. The HOSTS editor in the market place crashes when you try to edit a 31,000 entry HOSTS file - for example... Bottom line, it's a terrible idea to include what amounts to 'piracy' software in a ROM - and worse to make it 'invisible' and not offer an easy way of disabling it. If users want to cheat developers and freeload that's one thing - but pushing that onto them is something entirely different.
  7. Firstly a search didn't show anyone else raising this but if it's been raised and discussed already, my apologies in advance... I just replaced CM7 with this and I it's both smoother and better suited to the (fairly basic, let's be honest) hardware on offer here - I'm quite pleased with it tbh I do have one fairly sizeable issue tho - the decision to include an ad-blocking HOSTS file is mind-boggling and tantamount to (possibly worse than) just throwing pirated software in with the ROM. If people want to block ads there are plenty of ways of doing it - and anyone installing this ROM has the root access they need to install such tools. By preloading the HOSTS you remove that choice AND you don't offer an "on off switch" either (which an app uninstall would offer). I suspect many users will be completely unaware there's an adblocking HOSTS file at all - they may not realise until a game refuses to run (my own games refuse to run if they detect adblockers) or just crash (many games just exit if they detect adblocking without a message meaning the developer will get flak for your choice). I also believe the HOSTS file you're using blunts performance quite a bit. Whether it's the size or just the weight of loads of traffic bouncing-off, it actually grinds some apps to a halt in my experience. Play Market/Amazon Appstore were ACHINGLY slow until I removed the HOSTS entries whereupon they burst back into their normal sluggish selves... If you really must encourage people to not support developers (and as a developer I'd rather you didn't) then consider including an AdBlocker as an uninstallable/switchable app - or better still, just leave the choice to the user eh?
  8. somewhatdog

    [Game] Word Stream

    We've just released our latest wordgame, Word Stream, into the Android Market and we're looking for honest feedback! Link to Android Market The game is dead simple - make as many words from the 35 letters as possible - with daily and hourly games synchronised worldwide for extra competition!! Uses a 190,000+ wordlist similar to that used in competition Scrabble so it knows a LOT of words - and the daily and hourly games are free-to-play (there's ads, sorry about that, but the CHAMP version is cheap, loses the ads and gains 10,000 random/challenge games)!! Hope you like it :)
  9. somewhatdog

    [GAME]Three new FREE puzzle games

    We've been busy over the last month with three new puzzles - all for no cost!! Anddle Anddle is a simple maths puzzle played against your Android (3 dificulty levels) or 'hotseat' on your own device. Just choose the best numbers and you'll win!! ;) Note: if this becomes popular, we have a few ideas for network multiplayer up our sleeves! Word Bagel Word Bagel is the classic 'how many words can you find from 6 letters' game - we created our own version because we were frustrated at the ever less-playable versions in the Market. Ours has 3 game modes and uses a full International Scrabble Dictionary with over 49,000 words (including rude ones, so the game is rated accordingly). It's also our first OpenFeint game with Leaderboards and Achievements to be won! sum-wot-doku A variation of sumdoku/mathdoku/kenken - we've tried to cram a lot of game into your Android and it's a tight fit so this is a test-release to get feedback from a variety of devices. Levels come in 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 sizes and are dynamically generated - so you should never see the same puzzle twice (apart from the 'Help' one!!). All puzzles are checked for human-solvability without guesswork and your Android can offer tips to complete any puzzle from any position! We hope you can help us make this one better -we know it's a bit slow at creating puzzles on older devices esp but we're doing what we can! We hope you find somethere there you like - feedback would be lovely, either here or through Twitter/Facebook/Our Website/eMail/Telepathy/Smoke Signals!!
  10. With our last game, Cosmic Crash, not being the resounding disaster it could have been - we've only gone and done another!! somewhatPOOL is - well, there's a video to say what it is!! It's free (we've resorted to ads - but the game itself is free!) and we're open to any and all (constructive!) feedback Thanks for your time...
  11. somewhatdog

    [Game] Cosmic Crash - free and no ads!!

    Shameless bump as I've done a few updates since I first posted... As well as the things promised earlier (Tilt changes and some other ideas) I've put in Achievements for that truly 'Skinner Box' feeling :mellow: It's really not easy getting feedback tho - 4000 d/ls, 1000 active, 200+ highscores a day, 37 reviews total (at least they're mostly good!!), so as ever I'm all ears!!
  12. somewhatdog

    Vega TV output options - what are they?

    Thanks for the info - HDMI capture is too costly so I guess I'm aiming back at the Galaxy S/Tab (which both output composite AFAIK) - hey ho!
  13. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, searches for 'composite out' or 'TV out' aren't constructive... What options do you have to connect a Vega to a TV and what is displayed? Is it - as with a lot of phones - only specific things like video which are sent to the TV or does the TV become a mirror of the tablet's screen... I'm thinking mainly of capturing video of applications/games I'm developing - so ideally I'd like a 'mirror the screen' output to a composite connection - HDMI-based capture is rather costly atm!?
  14. somewhatdog

    [Game] Cosmic Crash - free and no ads!!

    Read from the bottom and follow the arrows upwards "Pluto' - "touch to aim at" "The Planets" "knocking them into" "The Black Holes" It's hard to be clear without boring people but that screen's never really pleased me. Pluto is your "cueball" - the one you fire... They're the names of our (somewhat) Dogs and the name of the first person to leave me a comment on the Market!! - Easy, Medium, Hard and Timed (duration) are the important bits Noted Right now it's unlimited with a 3-4sec break between them - I'd assumed people wouldn't shake their phones to death but some people seem happy to do that so...T he next release will choke it so the more you do, the longer before you can do another. I'd have released that already but I've submitted the App to Amazon and am drumming my fingers whilst they 'review' it (2 weeks and counting). If they don't respond this week they can get stuffed and I'll release it anyway...
  15. somewhatdog

    Vega Multitouch capability??

    My understanding is that the Desire/N1 problem is down to hardware - the screen physically only reports 2 values and it can 'mix them up' in a way Android isn't geared-up to deal with (the cross-axes problem). From reading other posts/comments/reviews of the Vega there's mention of different issues entirely (the moving fingers apart causes the touches to 'snap together' problem) so it may be that the firmware just isn't talking to the sensor/screen properly - and that could well be soluble. VERY few Android devices do proper multitouch (3+ fingers) - to the extent it's not really worth someone creating software which relies upon it - and that isn't going to change for a year-or-2 at least.

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