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  1. on the install guide I have a few questions - Flash 4.000.13 what is this? do you have a link? - Install recovery - what version? do you have a link? Many thnaks
  2. I would like to install the Blue ICS Themed Version with Links2SD, what kernal should I use? is it this one best for this version? http://code.google.com/p/technolover-kernel-edition/downloads/detail?name=TechnoLover-Kernel-1.4c-5-20120329-signed.zip&can=2&q= Also where's the link for Fix_Bubble_Notifications.zip?
  3. Still looking, the phone is being picked up very soon, a link would be very helpful :P
  4. Do i flash the official rom in recovery using the same method as any other rom?
  5. I also added recovery do i need to remove this?
  6. Would that be the kernal and the os on the acer website?
  7. Hi Guys, my Acer liquid metal has developed some green lines which other people have mentioned in this thread My link They also mention Acer repairing the phone which sounds good to me, only problem is i'm currently running the techno lovers kernel and the performance rom and have unlocked the phone. Whats best way to get the phone back to factory settings? Many thanks
  8. battery drained to 0% in around 6 hours with minimal use, does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? cheers
  9. I'm also having problems with the light sensor, most of the time it stays dim when unlocked and in use, occasionally it will got bright. I'm also having battery problems, seems to drain a lot quicker than before. Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers
  10. I find after using ad2sd the apps don't seem to update when there is a new version and fail?
  11. Couple of questions: 1. Is this the most popular rom on the acer liquid metal? 2. How big to you make your ext2 partitions on your sd card? 3. Whats a2sd and ap2sd and whats the process of using them? Thanks
  12. A4-03.27.01 KERNAL gingerounay-2.1_026.01
  13. wifi doesn't auto connect / re-connect any ideas?
  14. Having problems getting this working on windows 7 64bit, any known problems with drivers ? The phone doesn't do anything? shouldn't it reboot?
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