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    cingular 2125
  1. mhelbox62

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    great!!raspberryPi,i love it....just got a samsung S 3850
  2. mhelbox62

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    wow,this is cool!!raspberryPi...cant wait to have one!!
  3. hi there.i just want to ask if it mis possible to upgrade my cingular 2125 (unlocked already) to wm6 in my PC running in windows 7?
  4. mhelbox62

    cingular 2125

    good day to all of you (admin).i have cingular 2125,and i am from the phillippines.it was only a gift by a friend.i actually managed to unlock the phone,but my problem is i cant use the internet.there seems to be a problem in settings and i cant figure it out.im just a newbie to this kind of phone.can you please kindly help me.im dying to use it.

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