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  1. Just got an Orange San Francisco and it won't go pass Orange logo. When I press Volume down - and power, it shows a box with FTM saying on it. I have no idea what this is and what I need. Can someon help me please
  2. I need latest version of recovery manager please
  3. Im trying to install a custom ROM, Swedish Spring RLS5 on GEN 1 Blade by following this tutorial. When i get to the last part on Step 1, it comes up with 'Currently installed recovery unrecognized'. What shall i do?
  4. How do i know which one i need? I have UK Orange San Francisco
  5. How do i know which one is the right one for my phone?
  6. Hi does anyone play this game on their Blade? I can't find one that works perfect
  7. I didnt want to make a new thread but i searched and ended up here, i just want to ask, how do you uninstall the theme?
  8. When listening to music using headphones, it is not loud enough, even with the volume turned to max. My iPod is 2x louder than the Blade with headphones. Is there anything i can do to make my Blade loud?
  9. I flashed to CyanogenMod 7 V7.0.3 using Clockwork, when i rebooted my phone, the android robot comes up and the screen goes blank, then the android comes back, it repeats every 2 seconds. What have i done wrong?
  10. GT Racing, NFS Shift run fine and Gangstar MV takes ages to load and is very laggy.
  11. Does anyone have same problem or is it just me?
  12. yeah it is apk file, it was working fine when i had stock rom :unsure:
  13. I just flashed to Swedish Spring today and my phone is faster than before, just a bit of lag when opening launcher and scrolling down apps but it doesnt really bother me. So when i send a file from computer to my phone, the phone would just light up and then i get an error on computer saying that the phone did not accept. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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