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  1. I find them to be useless. Without the silicon rubber tips that have become so common the noise cancellation from outside is non-existent. It's impossible to listen to a podcast or music if walking around town where there is noise. Sitting on a bus requires very high volume as well which not only destroys your ears but also tortures anyone around you since the sound is spread all over. I like the fact that they have a flat cable to prevent tangling but unfortunately I can't use them due to reason mentioned above :)
  2. Looks awesome Paul. Will absolutely sign up for the Plus account I'm thinking. Can't wait to get this on my One X :D
  3. Yeah, prefer those too. As close to Vanilla as possible. Having a hardware menu key with icon for multitasking doesn't make sense to me :P
  4. Nice work on this Paul! I am trying to use this on my GT 10.1 which is mostly used in landscape mode. Both the official Tweetdeck and this one keeps jumping back to portrait though when different Views are shown. Is that an easy fix or would it take too much work? D
  5. On the Extreme pack I get the 3G arrow-icons even when data is disabled. Data of course is not working and the icons are not the green colour they become when connected to Google. Not sure if it's a bug or feature, just thought I'd let you know if you didn't :D When data is enabled, all is fine and dandy over here.
  6. Was there any fix for the problem with the home button that stops working if you don't finish the setup guide? Is it possible to run the setup wizard again somehow?
  7. Yeah, I think so. Stock kernel do not have support for setting governors I think. @Paul Thanks alot for the prebake! I'm curious if it would be possible for you to mirror the prebake to another file hosting service as well. Downloading from FileSonic doesn't work on my O2X and I've tried downloading to my computer now for a while but I keep getting a "only 1 download at the time" error although it's been 30 minutes since the first download. I'm sure other people are having issues as well. EDIT: And just like that FS are allowing me to download again :P. Still, maybe something to keep in mind for the future? I think that downloading straightly to the phone would be a nice feature :D
  8. This is from his Twitter yesterday: A message to all my Optimus 2X using followers - i'll be working on the MCR update this week - it'll be based on the Gingerbread release.
  9. You are aware that the ROM is for optimus 2x and not the g2x? Check out the g2x compability thread if not :D
  10. It seems that 18 isn't stable enough, when a release isn't stable enough there usually isn't a free release. I'm on Fr17 still and completely without issues (except that annoying little install lag and slow system menus).
  11. Just wanted to say that I've been running the Fr17 prebake with 1200 OC and -50 UV on each clock interval. It's been working flawlessly since the release of Fr17. I haven't experienced any problems of any kind since flashing it (apart from that tiny little lag when installing an app from market). Thanks!
  12. Everything you need to know is in the first post. It says that if you are running Fr3 or earlier you need to wipe. So you don't need to wipe. It is always good however to take a backup before flashing in case something goes wrong. Sometimes a full wipe needs to be done although it it shouldn't be necessary in theory. If this is the case, you can use Titanium Backup to get a backup of the system and apps which you can easily restore after a full wipe.
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