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  1. zaphodbeeb

    HTC One Warranty?

    Hi, My understanding is that in the case of a physical defect, due to poor manufacture it doesnt matter if you have unlocked the bootloader. My htc One has been back (twice now) due to this. I am afraid to say that you may have to remind the particular individual from htc support of this, as they dont all appear to know this.you may need to quote the 1982 Sale of goods act to them, and, in my case, after a prelonged escalation process (1 month), they decided they would repair the defects (or try to at least). I think If the problem is caused by software, thats a different matter. HTC know that my bootloader has been unlocked. The warning on with the unlock process clearly uses the word "may" invalidate warranty. This is my experience in the UK.
  2. zaphodbeeb

    About to murder my HTC Desire

    Hi, make sure that you have the correct drivers installed. Unrevoked uses a modified driver. I regularly have this problem if I have to re root. This works for me: - uninstall htc drivers - uninstall htc drivers - restart your pc - download the modified drivers - install - restart your pc - try unrevoked.
  3. zaphodbeeb

    Is messing about with kernels the new frontier

    Hi, I've bricked the phone and sent it back to HTC for repair already, so I dont really want to do that again if I can help it. I have investigated playing about with kernels but am a little wary at the moment given that there is little info around with regards this. Played with the partitioning. Jumping through hoops is on my to do list, but is there anything else that will satisfy my urge to hack the htc desire?
  4. Hi, I recently obtained an updated microsd card for my htc desire and ran into problems with long file names when trying to copy data from the old card. Method Used: - unmount the old microsd and power down the htc. - removed the back and removed old card, inserted new card. - powered up the htc into recovery and formatted the new card, and also created a partition as per old card setup. - connected htc to laptop, and whilst in recovery enabled usb mount - opened new card via laptop - mounted old sd card in card reader in laptop. - attempted to copy files from old sd to new. All seemed to go well until the end of the process when I was informed that windows was unable to copy some files because the file names were too long! I am using a win 7 64bit setup on the laptop. I did think that this sort of thing had been sorted out in windows a long time ago, or is this new windows 7 "functionality". Any ideas anyone? I think Linux may be a potential solution but I would prefer a win 7 solution if possible.
  5. Hi there I have s-off'ed my htc desire, replaced the alpharev splash, created and installed my own boot animation, have installed my own fonts, what next. Suggestions please. thanks in advance. :D
  6. Hi, I think this is a marvellous rom and have been using it for three weeks. However I have one problem with it. Busybox. An old version of busybox is loaded with this rom, and when I try to update it to a more recent it causes problems on my htc desire s-off. If I use the busybox app from the market to update it provides a message to the tune of "cant update, tell your rom provider to install busybox in the correct location. If I use busybox installer, it allows me to install a newer version but then wont boot pas the bootloader. I eventuallyovercame this (sort of) by upgrading via titanium backup pro, but of course this is only an update for titanium itself. This occurs on both the sense and non sence versions of your kitchen roms. One other minor point. Some of the apps selected dont appear to have been installed despite being selected. I noticed this problem for ROM manager. I have played with many roms, but I think this no sense kitchen ROM is one of, if not the best I have found. So stable, and surprisingly good on power. I do hope you continue to develop your kitchen roms. :D
  7. Hi, please advise how to do this. The link in the help section doesnt work. Have tried to send PM's but no one answers!! Also I dont have the ability to post anywhere (apart from here it seems). Pleased that I decided to donate! Be good if I can get a response from admin or someone!
  8. Hi Paul, I think I've found a problem with the sense kitchen ROM for HTC desire with regards to busybox. As follows: Firstly I flashed my kitchen sense ROM and all went well. A clean install of the ROM. Then I wanted to upgrade the busybox from the rom 1.16 version. Firstly I tried downloading the busybox app. When I tried to install it came up with a message that superuser permissions were wrong and that busybox couldnt be updated. There was also a message stating that I should remind the rom developer to install busybox in the correct location. Anyhow I tried JRummy's busybox installer, and after selecting the alternate location for the install the install appeared successful. I powered down my s-off htc desire. Then powered it on again. It just hangs on the alpharev splash screen. Thankfully after removing the battery, I could still get into recovery. This happens on versions 1.19, and 1.18 versions of busybox install (possibly all other versions higher than the 1.16 but I didnt try them all). Also one other minor point. I selected for ROM manager to be installed in the kitchen, but it seems to have been skipped by the kitchen ROM maker. Apart from the inability to update busybox the resulting rom is excellent and reliable and I would much preffer to stick with your ROM as opposed to other "stable" roms. Please fix it, or advise of a work around as I am a fan. thanks

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