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  1. Paul, it's possible to have the blu sky' wallpaper...it's very cool! i want to use in another tab i have thanks
  2. HELP ME PLEASE i can't overwrite ANY custom mod over the Fr4 anf i do everything correctly!!!1
  3. i can't write Fr7 over Fr4...i do wipe chache anf format rest and try to install fr7 form sd card..i buy LG 2X Reboot from Market too but ..nothing...i install Fr7 but at the reboot nothing change...in settings Fr4 again..HELP MEEEE
  4. thanks Paul i hope that fr7 it's good because with fr4 there's no problem..thanls for your job....
  5. i've try to do an wipe/factory rest to view if i can solve and now i don't have any backup.-.help me!!!!
  6. Paul, i followed the instructions to install the modaco root and the FR4 modaco worked perfettamente.i'm not an expert.. how do I fix it now?
  7. When i try to activate the wifi in settings i have the written error..i'm desperate
  8. i've just installed the rom withe the kitchen works but i have an error on wifi..how i can resolve that?
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