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  1. he already said its SSrls7, not cm9... I'm more interested in that beats logo at the corner...
  2. Hehe :) You are lucky to live in countries without budget problems... in Poland, Blade costs about 600 PLN, which is an 1/3 of national average wage. Such a curiosity. But still its the cheapest smartphone on market.
  3. So whats the sense of using CM7 while SS has the best perfmormance ? What are advantages of CM7 that can beat completely smoothness ?
  4. I'll check. But why do i have to limit myself to get satisfying performance, while all you guys have no problems with smoothness ? Theres certainly something wrong.
  5. I had the same problem. Now, after upgrade to Gen 2, scrolling within apps is much smoother, but in system things, like settings, contacts, its still a bit laggy. People who i asked many times about this problem, said that on their phones this problem didn't appeared. If someone have any working solution for this, please post it here. On EVERY CM7 version since n29, scrolling isnt as smooth as it should be (considering to RLS4 an 5 SS). all graphical boosts are off, animations are minimalistic and my launcher is the most simple launcher ever- launcher pro.
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