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  1. No need to wipe dalvik cache too... Only "Wipe Cache" works.
  2. Isn't there a way to really disable the soft buttons instead of just hiding them?
  3. I had the same problem, don't know why... Decided to wipe cache and now everything works like a charm
  4. Since the Blade isn't a battery killer I usually use performance governor
  5. Is the WIFI battery drain problem already fixed in this version? If not which kernel do u people recommend to flash?
  6. Just that? So... if I want I can install the lateste nightly and then flash the new adreno libs, and its going to be exactly like his build?
  7. Hey targetbsp, I would like to know which changes you make on the oficial cm7 nightlies. Why would we prefer your build over the oficial cm7 one?
  8. Dropbox link doesnt work.. And I would like to give this rom a try... Pls reupload the rom ;)
  9. In your opinion witch is the best ICS rom? coldfusionx or AKOP-CM9 Remix Whitch are the biggest difrences?
  10. It probably has lots of bugs.. I would trust much more in a MIUI rom compiled by some devoleper than by one compiled by myself.
  11. Hey tital! Are u not gonna make a miui version of this rom? O:)
  12. With the Sony ICS updates for phones with the same processor well get better ICS ROM's, arent we?
  13. How does the wbaw Kernel work on your smartphones?
  14. I was using Brustlam's 2 March and it started to reboot since Friday.. Maybe cause I had the internal memory reealy full.. This one had no battery drain and the performance was good,... Maybe it would be better to install Brustlam's 2 March again.. burgerz 29 feb have not many features compared to burstlam's one.. And then flash the paches that can found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1485445
  15. Can anyone do a summary about the last ROMS based on CM7 and to which it belongs? Whitch are the best? I´ve been away for some time.. And I have no time to test all those ROMS (School is killing me) but my Blade needs new ROM now because it reboots a lot lately..

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