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  1. +1 <sad face> My renewal email arrived this morning - I'm not rushing to pay!
  2. Excellent! - notification gone. Thanks for the assist. Now to sit back and wait for 4.3, when Paul's ready and issues have been resolved.
  3. I'll be very pleased when it happens; and, as you say, there's no rush, given the possible issues with 4.3. Which still leaves me with the question of how to get rid of that pesky notification - anybody got any ideas?
  4. I understand that Paul wants to be working on the newest and sexiest stuff, and that's fair enough -- the OP makes it clear he won't support a rom forever. However, I think it would be nice if he visited his older forums occasionally (after all, this device is not yet 12 months old!)
  5. That's fine, I don't particularly want the update; but how to get rid of the notification?
  6. Paul - It seems fairly clear from your lack of response in this forum, as also N7, that you have abandoned this device. This being the case, please advise how we should deal with the 4.3 OTA update. Currently I have a notification, "System update downloaded. Touch to install." What will happen if I go ahead and "touch"? How to get rid of this notification otherwise? Please advise.
  7. This morning I accepted an update to Gmail 4.3 on my Nexus 4 and Avast! security reported a problem -- malware detected: "Android: FakeInst-EY" I uninstalled Gmail, reverting to the factory version 4.2.2 Just ran a full scan and now Avast! says same problem with 6 other apps This seems a bit odd! Anyone else got similar?
  8. FYI -- Tried the MCMCR version over the weekend, but found it a bit sluggish. This is purely subjective, and might simply be down to poor internet connectivity, though I don't usually suffer from that. Now back on the latest here, which is going fine.
  9. I'm running CM7 on my HTC Legend (there being no Gingerbread MCR for said device!) -- Will odexme work on this configuration? Would it benefit me (by getting me more free space in the internal memory)?
  10. Anyone heard any news / rumours as to when N4 will be back on sale in UK?
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