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  1. Which one of the two cables below are you guys talking about? Or is it something else?
  2. I understand that if OTG was possible it would have been available........obviously Still I am confused. Say for example the latest CyanogenMod ROMs that are ported to Blade were for devices that have OTG support.....am I right? If so, while porting do people disable it in kernel?
  3. As I know, USB OTG is supported from Android 3.1 onwards. So, will installing a ICS or JB ROM make it work in Blade?
  4. Couldn't find anywhere.... What's the difference between UG802 and UG808? Both seem to be based on Cortex A9 RK3066, with 1GB DDR3 & 4GB Nand Flash Edit: I think I found it UG808 has 2 x Wifi antennas 2 x cooling plates CPU is clocked at 1.6Ghz Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) Retail price is 65 USD
  5. It's not that the numbers were stored that way. If you start typing numbers to dial, the hyphen gets added automatically even then. So this is a feature that has been configured with this ROM.
  6. The phone numbers have a hyphen "-" after three digits (123-456-678). How do I configure it to remove it so that all the number are in a continuous sequence (12345678)?
  7. That doesn't have an option to output audio through speaker.
  8. So, just copy & pasting the apk to /system/app is enough? Is that equivalent to installing the app?
  9. A feature I wanted badly on the stock FM radio was, to be able to output audio through the speakers. The stock FM radio does have a speaker icon, but clicking that doesn't do anything. Then I found another brand phone which had the stock FM radio, in which the speaker icon actually worked (i.e. audio was output through the speakers). So I extracted the FM radio apk from that phone, uninstalled the stock FM radio in my blade and tried it to install the extracted apk in my blade. However that apk, doesn't install. It says "Application not installed". Why is it not installing? Below is the link to the extracted apk. http://www.mediafire.com/?e5bueddnxjcbbvd
  10. I too need to know how to increase the system partition size.
  11. How do you download it from everbox? I click the button with the down arrow, but nothing happens. Firefox seems to keep on working.......
  12. So the £10 top up if you purchase at a store, is optional? I mean it's at the discretion of the person you are dealing with?
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