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  1. Which one of the two cables below are you guys talking about? Or is it something else?
  2. I understand that if OTG was possible it would have been available........obviously Still I am confused. Say for example the latest CyanogenMod ROMs that are ported to Blade were for devices that have OTG support.....am I right? If so, while porting do people disable it in kernel?
  3. As I know, USB OTG is supported from Android 3.1 onwards. So, will installing a ICS or JB ROM make it work in Blade?
  4. Couldn't find anywhere.... What's the difference between UG802 and UG808? Both seem to be based on Cortex A9 RK3066, with 1GB DDR3 & 4GB Nand Flash Edit: I think I found it UG808 has 2 x Wifi antennas 2 x cooling plates CPU is clocked at 1.6Ghz Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) Retail price is 65 USD
  5. It's not that the numbers were stored that way. If you start typing numbers to dial, the hyphen gets added automatically even then. So this is a feature that has been configured with this ROM.
  6. The phone numbers have a hyphen "-" after three digits (123-456-678). How do I configure it to remove it so that all the number are in a continuous sequence (12345678)?
  7. That doesn't have an option to output audio through speaker.
  8. So, just copy & pasting the apk to /system/app is enough? Is that equivalent to installing the app?
  9. A feature I wanted badly on the stock FM radio was, to be able to output audio through the speakers. The stock FM radio does have a speaker icon, but clicking that doesn't do anything. Then I found another brand phone which had the stock FM radio, in which the speaker icon actually worked (i.e. audio was output through the speakers). So I extracted the FM radio apk from that phone, uninstalled the stock FM radio in my blade and tried it to install the extracted apk in my blade. However that apk, doesn't install. It says "Application not installed". Why is it not installing? Below is the link to the extracted apk. http://www.mediafire.com/?e5bueddnxjcbbvd
  10. I too need to know how to increase the system partition size.
  11. How do you download it from everbox? I click the button with the down arrow, but nothing happens. Firefox seems to keep on working.......
  12. So the £10 top up if you purchase at a store, is optional? I mean it's at the discretion of the person you are dealing with?
  13. Thanks a lot man. Installed Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie RLS9 and Undervolt kernel, successfully :). Phone running a lot smoother, and Angry Birds not hanging like it used to do before. I wiped everything from the phone before installing the ROM.......I mean whatever could be wiped/formatted using Clockwork. Now I am not sure if the ROM created an sd-ext. How do I check that? I can transfer apps from internal memory to SD card from Application Settings, if that information helps. One more issue I am facing. I cannot mount the SD card when I connect via USB. Even if I select mount SD card, all I can see is the drive icon & letter in Windows explorer. If I try to open it, it says "please insert drive....." Only if I go into Clockwork and select mount SD card, then I can open the drive in Windows explorer.
  14. One more question :) Do I carry out any or all of the following before installing Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie RLS9? 1. Wipe Data/Factory Reset 2. Wipe Cache Partition 3. Wipe Dalvik Cache
  15. Thanks a lot. Just to make sure......... "boot into recovery" means power on with volume - key pressed.......right?
  16. Ok. Took the battery out. Everything is working fine. Got a bit tensed :( I have got some confidence now to go ahead with the upgrade. So I am going to do the following: Step #1. Copy & Paste all data from SD card to PC Step #2. Delete all data in the SD card. Step #3. Follow the TPT instructions part of the tutorial here down to a T Step #4. Install the Undervolt-Kernel Step #5. Partition the SD card to create sd-ext Step #6. Copy & Paste all data from PC back to SD card. Am I right? And how do I install the Undervolt-Kernel?
  17. I don't know how to get out of that "FTM" screen. None of the keys are responding. Do I take out the battery? Backup.......you mean do a simple copy & paste of all the contents of the SD card to the computer? When do I carry out this step? Before installing the ROM via TPT or the TPT process will anyways automatically do it?
  18. Please do. That would be really helpful. I tried to check if I have sd-ext or not, by booting with volume-. It displayed a rectangular white box with the letters "FTM". It stayed like that for ever.
  19. I don't care about apps. I can install them anytime. I use only free apps. Important to me are contacts and messages. Wow, this is new. Where do I find the noob steps?
  20. Thanks. What method would you suggest to create a full backup the easy way. All the backup programs I know create a backup on the SD card, but if the SD card is going to get formatted/erased or data is going to get corrupted on ROM installation, shouldn't I create a backup on my computer? If so, how?
  21. I couldn't find anything to call Gen2 an "upgrade" over Gen1. Nonetheless since you guys are unanimous in suggesting to "upgrade" to Gen2 I will go ahead and do it. The only thing that is scaring me are the scary things mentioned in the sticky about TPT method being unsafe and having a higher probability of bricking. And as I have read moldovan-mile-high-mountain-pie is the one with the best battery life.....isn't it? Or I need to install the addon called undervolt kernel to get good battery life in addition to moldovan-mile-high-mountain-pie? Also if I follow the TPT method, would I loose my data which is mostly contacts. Or should I create backup first?
  22. Ok. But is it mandatory to convert it to Gen2 to install 2.3? The tutorial in the sticky here doesn't mention it to convert it to Gen2 to install Gingerbread. So it seems that it could be installed on Gen1as well. Is there any advantage in converting to Gen2? Please correct me if I am wrong.
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