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  1. Well I posted this query in the Glossary thread too. I am asking this again here. As per my understanding, Gen1 or Gen2 is a hardware attribute (something to do with the memory layout). So you cannot convert between Gen1 & Gen2, unless you change the hardware itself. Am I wrong?
  2. As I understand, Gen1 or Gen2 is a hardware attribute, so a Gen1 cannot be converted to Gen2 and vice versa, unless the hardware is changed.........am I right?
  3. I have a Dell XCD35 which came pre installed with android 2.1 and its Gen1 Before I rush ahead and brick my phone, I would like know if I can upgrade it directly to 2.3. If yes, is the following tutorial the right one to follow? 22/May [GUIDE] How to Install a Custom ROM on the ZTE Blade [GEN1]
  4. Use the instructions here http://android.modaco.com/index.php?s=&amp...t&p=1688848 Zip the folder inside romdump folder and upload it somewhere, then put the link in this forum If you need help to install OneClickRomDump apk let me know.
  5. No, there are no issues with battery in 2.1. Its exactly as you have.
  6. That's the ROM dump of Gen1 (2.1). I realized later that it had already been posted earlier. You should upload a ROM dump of 2.2 that you have. It's not been uploaded yet.
  7. Wouldn't these silicone/jelly cases prevent heat dissipation from the phone? I think that's detrimental to phone.
  8. New link added. I hope this should be fine now.
  9. This is all I got with OneClickRomDump boot.img config.gz iomem md5.txt mtd recovery.img system.tar Let me know which ones are useful and which ones are not useful (i.e. has my private data)
  10. I am new to all this. Thought only the .img files are important. There were indeed other files that were saved in the ROM dump. They were more than 50MB. Hence, I am under the impression that ROM dump takes a backup of the complete phone (including my contacts, images, videos, applications, etc). Since these would be unnecessary to other people and more than that I wouldn't like to give my private information, I just gave the .img files. Correct me if I am wrong.
  11. Dell XCD35 Gen1 (Android 2.1 - Eclair) ROM Dump DELL_P729DLV1.0.0B04 contains 1. boot.img (4.50 MB) 2. md5.txt (479 Bytes) 3. recovery.img (4.50 MB) 4. system.tar (128 MB) Link (81.4 MB) Dell XCD35 Gen1 (Android 2.1 - Eclair) ROM Dump Ask Mr Pigfish Screenshot ======================================================================= Dell XCD35 Gen2 (Android 2.2 - Froyo) ROM Dump FROYO_P729DLV1.0.0B01 contains 1. boot.img (5 MB) 2. config.gz (12.5 KB) 3. iomem (627 Bytes) 4. md5.txt (485 Bytes) 5. mtd (325 Bytes) 6. recovery.img (5 MB) 7. system.tar (138 MB) Link (88.5 MB) Dell XCD35 Gen2 (Android 2.2 - Froyo) ROM Dump Ask Mr Pigfish Screenshot
  12. After the OneClickRomDump is run, what to expect next? Where is the dump saved? A README would have been helpful. As per the instructions I should get the dump in the SD card. Unfortunately after reboot no file was saved anywhere. Ok got it. You should run the application while the phone is not connected to the computer via USB. It saves the dump in the root of SD card inside the folder "romdump".
  13. Why has the Android Market been designed this way? I mean whats the logic behind this? Its like.......users not allowed to download setup exe of softwares, but only option is automated secret & silent install directly to their computers. Imagine how frustrating a world that would be.
  14. No, I do not want to install the application to the device in the first place. Just download the installation files.....may be for future installation.
  15. Is it possible to download the application installation files from Android market locally to your computer? What you generally get is auto installation to your device. It would be good to have the installation files downloaded locally to your computer. Is there any way?
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